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    I am desperate for help and ideas. My three year old little guy is horrible! I realize kids at this age are busy but he is just naughty how do you discipline? Any ideas. I am really at my wits end. My husband and I have tried so many things.
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    Hi Gummie,
    Try to describe his behavior a little: tantrums, length, frequency, use of language, activity level, eye contact, sleep pattern...
    When did you realize his behavior was different? Looking back, has he always been like that or was it a sudden change?
    Does he go to daycare, babysitter? How does he act in different environments?
    I know it is a lot of questions but some answers will help us help you! We might have some suggestions accordingly.
    Have you talked to his pediatrician? If not, I would suggest you do and try to obtain a referral (psychiatrist, counselor, developpmental pediatrician). If you found that forum, it means you are ready for help. Don't think you are alone because you are not!
    Welcome to the board.
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    We would need a lot more information. The questions in the post above are good ones. Have you gone for any help? Have you taken him for an evaluation?
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    Meanwhile... if you haven't found it already, you might want to look into "the book"... the one that is often recommended around here is "The Explosive Child" (by Green).
    It has some interesting concepts that work for many - but not all - kids. We found it helpful, because it adjusted OUR expectations and OUR approach... and made a difference.

    If you're trying to find a way to capture (and organize) useful info, you also might want to start a Parent Report. (we didn't know about the concept, but sure wish we had done that 10 years ago!!) You'll find details about that under Site Resources.

    Hang in there - this site has some REALLY good (read: experienced, tactful, insightful, kind... etc!) parents.