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    I have a 5 year old who started school last September, I have had to move from where I used to live to another part of the country to try and get rid of her naughty label and allow her to have a fresh start. one week at the new school and she has already been asked to leave school until they have one to one tuition available, leaving me at home again with her and at the end of her anger, 5 minutes ago i was whacked on the back by a plastic golf club and hit on my hand to the point where i am marked, its very hard to keep my cool whilst this happens, i am already on beta blockers to be able to deal with day to day stuff with her, doctors are trying to diagnose her with some condition wether its ADHD or just Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Its hard to be beaten up by a 5 year old and actually break down crying in front of her because I am in pain. School are trying to get things in place, nurses have been brilliant but I am still the one dealing with it and with little support. I dont know why I came to this forum but I guess I just want someone to tell me that I am not alone, cause there is nothing worse than watching your child do these things and at the same time realising that the little ones are not happy, miserable and frustrated (hence the behaviour) I have a 21 year old who was a delightful child and it makes me sad that this one wont have it as easy as her older sister.
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    Hi there, hon. So sorry you had to join us, but welcome.

    I am wondering...sounds like you come from the uk maybe? Do you have access to neuropsychs. I would first off want to be sure the diagnosis. are correct. Can you tell us a bit about your child's early childhood, beginning with infancy? That will give us a bigger clue as to how to help you.
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    You came to thi forum for the same reason we are all here: answers and support!
    WE can't give you answers, but can try to help you in your quest, stear you in the right direction, etc...
    But we CAN offer LOTS of support.
    You are not alone and many more parents will come along and help you in your journey.
    I don't know for sure (would need more info), but for a lot of our kids, the problems are not environmental but neurological. Which mean changing her environment (ie: school) won't help much. The answers will be in her diagnosis. What are her difficulties, lacking skills that explain the behavior. If a child is deaf, no body will tell him "would you please listen for once" but instead would look into hearing aid and maybe lip reading. Well that is true for most disabilities that create behavior issues. You identify the problem (the source) and then you put a treatment plan together, accomodations, etc.
    Look into a thourough multi-disciplinary evaluation.