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    Hi there. I just registered... don't knw my way around yet on this site. I hv a 20 yr old son who just stole my computer & damaged my car & 22 yr old daughters cars. Cz I called cops on his crazed girlfriend who was out of control screaming at me. He said I'm dead to him. girlfriend & him together alm 4 yrs. he's a diff person now with- her in his life. Manipulating lies all the time & now this. Anyone relate ?
  2. Sueann0214

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    I'm brand new to site. I hv a 20 yr old son who 5 days ago stole computer & damaged my car cz I called cops on his crazed & out of control girlfriend of 4 yrs. she ws taken to police station.. He retaliated & then I called cops on him First Time to arrest him for stealing & vandalism. He txt me I'm dead to him. I'm sick over this. Would appreciate comments. Thx
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    I'm not in your situation, but I wanted to send hugs. I'm sorry you're going through this. (()) It's kind of quiet here on the weekends. More people will be around to help you later. Also try posting on the Parent Emeritus board. Stay strong. Don't let him bully you.
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    Welcome aboard. Glad you found us but sorry you needed to search. Most of us with "adult" difficult child's post on the Parent E. site. Believe me you will find lots of loving parents who have been there done that...sorry you are included. Hugs DDD
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    Hi there.

    Is he using drugs? That's pretty bad behavior for somebody his age.Y

    You would probably do better on our forum called Parent Emeritus. This is a forum for minor children and that is a forum for adult children. You will probably get more experience there. Hugs!!!