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    My husband and I are at a loss. My 5 year old daughter is a bright child, but her behavior is out of control. At this point it is becoming detrimental to our family and at times I worry about leaving her out of my sight when my younger daughter is around. She has tantrums that resemble that of a toddler, gets very angry, has outburst, says that she wants to kill her sister, that no one loves, mommy has ruined her life, etc. We often can't take her places because we know a tantrum will result. She will be starting kindergarten this year and we are very nervous! In the past we had to pick her up from preschool because of outburst and uncontrollable behavior. I have read books, spent lots of money on therapy and we don't know what to do. Love her so much but at times we feel like we can't handle her!
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    Hi, and welcome.

    Can you tell us more about your daughter?
    What was she like as a baby, toddler?
    Is she adopted?
    How stable has her childhood been?
    What kinds of dxes run in the biological family tree?

    You say you've spent lots of money on therapy. Have any evaluations been part of that?

    These kinds of details help other parents "see" what you are dealing with and relate to, based on their own experiences.
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    Hi and welcome. I agree with InsaneCanadian. We need to know more about her early development and when you noticed this behavior. She is probably differently wired and doesn't think the way other kids her age thinjk, but we really need more info. Is Dad around? Did she have a very chaotic life so far with many caregivers? Is she sensitive to noise, touch or crowds? Does she play with toys or rather dismantle or ignore them? Can she speak well? Potty? Anything psychiatric or neurological on her genetic family tree? This includes Dad, even if she never met him. He lives within her anyway as she is 50% both of your DNA.