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Bad Momma

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A big fight ensued at my house with my 17 y/o daughter for coming home past curfew. When we told her about her punishment, she started screaming at her Dad. He grounded her for 2 weeks. No truck and No phone. When I tried to take her phone away, she started screaming and fighting me to hold on to it. That told me there was something on there I shouldn't see. I finally got it and sat down. I asked her what was on it? She said nothing. Then she literally jumped on top of me trying to get her phone. I tried to stand up and she pushed me back down so hard I screamed at the top of my lungs for my husband. We ended up grounding her for a month. So here's the kicker that I don't know what to do about. I found text from her boyfriend calling me a :censored2:, saying he couldn't stand to be around me anymore, and that he told his parents he hated us and we were two faced. I loved the kid before this. We've never argued. I've been very supportive of his relationship with my daughter. So how do I handle this new information? Please help my feelings are so hurt by this!


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I am guessing that your dtr has probably complained to him and probably not all truthful. My dtr tells us her friends can't stand us and don't want to come over to see her, so she HAS to go to their homes. How can they dislike us when they have never met us?

Sorry you are going thru all this. Luckily, I (we) can cope with our kids friends not liking us. It hurts more that our children say awful things about us...

Hang in there! KSM