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I have a teenager that has been physically abusive to his step mother and verbally abusive to everyone else. I have taken him in for counseling and to doctors but he plays nice in front of them and nothing is ever done. I am at my wits end and now his step mother called to tell me that he was cutting himself during his visit with her and his Father. I am looking for any advice at all. I am lost with my son and his sibblings are resentful of the constant disruption.


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Has he ever had a complete evaluation by a neuropsychologist or a Child psychiatrist (with the MD)? It doesn't sound like the counselor knows how to help him. I'd recommend digging deeper. My daughter was a cutter--it is NOT easy to quit cutting. It's a habit. She was using drugs. We never guessed (partly because we never used any so we were very dumb about it). My dear friend, recently deceased from cancer, was also once a cutter and she said the same exact thing that my daughter told me--it's a compulsion that is very hard to stop. Both told me they did it to feel something, even pain. There is usually something else going on when there is cutting. My friend had a mood disorder. I don't know how serious it is for YOUR child. It depends on how deeply he is cutting. My daughter used to cut where I couldn't see (like bottom of her feet). She was not trying to inflict REAL damage. On the other hand, my friend, who had a God awful childhood, ended up trying to kill herself. You do need to have it assessed. Are you in the US? Good luck.