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    Hi I've never posted on this forum before. David was on CHIP. Then my husband swiched jobs because of the awful hours of his old job. Now the caseworker is saying we don't make enough for CHIP and we have to go to medicaid. David's therapist and psychiatrist don't take medicaid. We'd have to switch if we sat still and did nothing. David doesn't open up to many people and he is starting to open up to therapist. We're just $302 short of CHIP. The caseworker isn't going to budge. therapist said that he had a client who got a wavier to keep coming to him even though the client switched to medicaid, but therapist didn't know the faintest idea of how the client got the wavier. therapist is really wanting David to keep seeing psychiatrist because psychiatrist is only 1 of 2 board certified psychiatrist's in the state of Utah.

    husband thinks that it is o.k. for David to see another therapist and psychiatrist. I'm frantic. If I go get a part time job we'll end up back in court because my ex will want his child support reduced. husband isn't going to get another job because he doesn't see the need. I'm about to strangle that man.

    Anyone know anything about this wavier therapist was talking about?
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    I don't know the answer. I'm facing a similar situation week after next.

    My first answer would be that for $302 can't husband give up a couple of hours of work? Not worth working those hours is it? Ask job to reduce his hours enough to stay on CHIP.

    The rules for Medicaid and CHIP vary by state. So unless someone is in your state I don't think they're going to know the answer. What I've done when I can't get a reasonable answer from the local folks is to call the state capital Medicaid/ CHIP office. These are the people who MAKE the policies. They know the answers. But be careful you're not getting some receptionist or 1800 number person. You want to get the people who really know the policies.

    I'm guessing husband has never been in therapy. You might try explaining it to him by analogy to something he has experienced. eg Let's say husband is a car fanatic ..he's always had the same auto mechanic. That guy quit and now he gets some guy he doesn't trust. he wants to switch shops to get the old guy again but can't because he has a contract (just like an insur contract) with the old place. So he's stuck with the guy he doesn't know and doesn't trust.
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    husband has been in therapy before. He just doesn't understand that difficult child doesn't open up to just anyone like husband does.

    We were on CHIP and then had a reduction in income and are being forced to go to Medicaid. CHIP is more expensive for us and easier for the caseworker so I'm kinda boggled that they won't let us stay on CHIP. To still be on CHIP we'd have to have $302 more dollars per month. I'm going to try to get the waiver, call the state like you suggested, and if those don't work I'm going to get a part time job. Ex will take us to court, but difficult child is worth it. Maybe if I force the issue husband will get the part time job. Maybe not. Thats his choice. (Its not his choice to pay for the lawyer though.)
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    Oh, sorry. I thought you weren't qualifying the other way around. I wouldn't try to make sense of Medicaid, welfare or anything else, rules wise. It is what it is, there is no flexibility and often not a lot of logic. So yes, get a job for $302/mo if you can't get the waiver. But it doesn't have to be outside the home, you just have to report it. So do some babysitting in your home and get paid for it.