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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Well, difficult child had a good day yesterday. i was proud of him coming forward and came home in a good mood. I am at work and school started 15 minutes ago. I just go off the phone with difficult child. VP had him call. He has already been kicked out of his first class for "saying something under his breath" (obviously not under his breath enough). Then VP told him to go to the little room in the office and he refused, so VP had him call me. difficult child told me to pick him up. I said no, he needs to do what he is told. Now, mind you he is IN the principals office...He said "I am sick of him he is a :censored2:". I said what are you talking about. He said VP. He got in trouble yesterday for swallowing gum. Well, you are NOT to have gum in school. I told difficult child to do what he is told and I will leave dad a message and he can call school when he gets a chance. difficult child said "That's bogus". I hung up. Now my insides are all in knots, the tears are coming, my heart is racing. One good day in a week??? come on, why? :sad:
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    Kjs, your son doesn't sound emotionally stable. When are his next appointments with the psychiatrist and therapist? Where are you in the IEP process? It doesn't sound as if the school is handling difficult child's issues all that well.
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    therapist today, psychiatrist friday. How can you tell if it is just something he is purposely doing or something he cannot control?
    He said he was told to call me to pick him up because he is kicked out of class and he will not go where he is told to go.
    IEP is set for May 21st because they are still in the process of FBA and school psychiatric testing. Don't know if that part started yet. They switched him to new classes last Wednesday. 39 days of school left and they switched him. Same teachers, different time periods. The Special Education teacher was not in the room the last schedule, he was doing so well up until February. The new move he is IN the room with the teacher and Special Education teacher.
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    It sounds like you all need to meet for the FBA right now. Why don't you write a letter and ask for a meeting to get that completed as soon as possible. Until it is, you are going to continue to have these kind of phone calls and problems.

    I don't thinks kids purposely act like that. If their medications are working and they are feeling good then things go smoother than what you have been describiing. I think that it is great you have appointments so soon.