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    We'll got a call from the vp,today. My son got suspended for 5 dayS for hand motioning a gun to a teacher,which happened on Monday.But then a little while later get anothat call,my son pushed a teachers hand away,trying to prevent her from getting a book.So he is suspended for 10 days.

    They told me that iD have to go in for a meeting when he gets back for placement and what to do with- him.

    I don't know what to do anymore
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    I don't remember anything about your child. I do think the punishment of ten days suspension is way off the walls. What is his diagnosis? You may want to write a signature below your post, like I have done below, to jog our memories. Does your son have an IEP?
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    I really hate this mandatory punishment for anything that resembles a weapon. I am all for school safety but suspending a kid for 5 days because he used his fingers like a gun. I'm pretty sure no one ever has been injured that way. I guess a teacher might feel it was threatening but in that case make the kid take anger management class or something.

    As for shoving a hand away I don't blame them for punishing him but 5 days of suspension seems rough. It almost sounds like they were already ****** so they just decided to double it because he did something else.
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    Pre-empt them. He needs evaluations not punishment. Start a formal (i.e. written, following all the rules...) request for evaluation for everything under the sun. Put emphasis on the fact that his behavior does indicate there is a problem, but that you believe there are reasons for the behavior other than "attitude", and that he needs help that he currently isn't getting because you and they don't know what he needs.
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    10 days suspension in one school year is the magic number - legally there has to be a placement meeting. Not sure if you are specifically asking for direction and recommendations for the meeting or if you are just expressing your frustration -- both are why we are here!

    If you would like a little more information regarding your son's rights at school you can either do a signature that gives us more information about your son, or you can go to - that's a great resource for understanding education law and offers other resources and ideas.

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    Yes,I'm Maria/Scoots,I've posted awhile ago,on sons behavior problems at school,w the sped supervisor ect.Bad thing is I have no one to help me.My son is 16 diagnosed with-frontal lobe executive Function deficits, Pchycomotor delays/writing/,borderline IQ.
    Where do I find the signature page?

    How do I amend this?

    What happens at a Manifestation meeting? They already told me that I should begetting a call from the sped director and she already wants to send him off somewhere.So that's what will I be facing at this meeting.

    My son also has severe kidney issues and besides hIGH blood pressure and ANtibioiTCS he is not on anything else.

    He has to Catch 5xs a day,Which I worry about if theY do something like that/and put him on medications with-o my knowledge.
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    How do I do this? And what evaluations can the school do? They did an behavior assessment which, consisted of a person coming in and observing him for one day and me filling out a behavior survey.Hadn't had the IIEP meeting foR the results of that, so no FBA/pbp is in place at this time.
  8. InsaneCdn

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    I'm assuming you are in the US (I'm not)... in which case, there are specific laws that work to your advantage.
    The "Special Education" forum would be a good place to ask questions about that process, what kinds of evaluations you might ask for, etc.
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    If your child has an IEP a MANIFESTATION DETERMINATION hearing must happen first before a planning and placement meeting. They must determine if his actions were a manifestation of his dxs. Do not let them railroad you into the planning and placement meeting without this first meeting, it is against the law.

    Also, if your child has an IEP, it may be impossible to suspend him for the 10 days.

    I have a friend who has just been through this as they were trying to expel the child for 1 year. They tried to do planning and placement before manifestation, but were called to the carpet. The child is no longer being expelled because manifestation was determined.
  10. scootles

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    Needing moRe info,what do u mean it might be impossible to suspend him? Btwn in school suspension and bing sent home thats athis be been doing
    How do they determine this?
    Everyone esepcally the sped director says iits him not hihis lds/they will go over every thing.
  11. DDD

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    I am not an expert but I got a call years ago that a meeting was going to be held about youngest difficult children behavior. The word "manifestation" was not used. Thank heavens I came to the Board and realized that I needed to be prepared for a SERIOUS meeting where he could be expelled from the school.

    Make sure you have all your records with you when you go. If an advocate is available take one with you. I am not easily intimidated but the Dean and VP of the elementary school did not want difficult child as a student in "their" school. If you are not prepared to strongly advocate for your child it's like walking into a buzz saw.

    I am not trying to frighten you but want you to know that these meetings can have grave consequences. A vote of all present determined that difficult children behavior WAS a manifestation of his disabilities. The Dean was so irate that he filed papers for Juvenile Justice to interview difficult child. That was a shocker. The Intake Counselor at Department of Juvenile Justice cut the meeting short after five or ten minutes because it was so obvious that difficult child was not a threat to anyone. Somehow her opinion was overridden and difficult child was on probation for six months. Geez, our justice system stinks. Even his PO didn't even come in the house but would call and say have difficult child play out front so I can see him when I drive by.

    I wish you good luck. Just want you to know never to "underestimate" "the system". DDD
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  13. scootles

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    Wow that's what I figured sadly I have no one to go with-me and I am not a strong advocate to do this alone
  14. InsaneCdn

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    And the advocate you did try to reach out too... fell through.
    Any way to get another advocate? any different sources?
  15. jal

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    You have to be a strong advocate and know your rights, otherwise they can and will walk all over you. Please, if you do not feel you can do it on your own get and advocate or an attorney.
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    I don't have recoRDS per say,I have copies of his IEP and behavior writhe ups Mostly every thing they wI'll uwe against hI'm.
  17. InsaneCdn

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    Does the IEP cover behavior?
    Has a FBA ever been done? if so... timing? results? plan?
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    EverY ONE I have spoken withe from the disablitY rights center a sped lawyer to PTIs/no one agrees with-the school is doing but wI'll not come to the meetings.The lawyer referred me to the PTI and the PTI asks mEwell is it his behavior??
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    This Is what they have on his IEP under managing bEhavior
    Intervene and redirect inappropriate behavior
    Have rules and expecTations ExPlAINEd Goal Given issues related to personal behavior and self esteem,hhe will demonstrate understanding of these issues by behaving and interacting appropriate % of the timeline
    No other help available that I know of.

    Behavior assessment was done/results/FBA/pbp not done.
  20. Confused

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    scootles, so sorry your going through this. I dont know anything about IEPS,but I am learning and hopefully you get everything on there your son needs.