He's not the worst in class!!


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As most of you know by now, my difficult child has recently been withdrawn from one elementary to attend another that has Social Development classes. Yesterday when difficult child came home from school he said one of his classmates (there are six in the class) threw a desk today! I know this sounds tacky...but, YYYYEEEEAAAHHHHHH! At least my difficult child won't be viewed as the worst in the class. Actually, I wish I knew his family so I could call them, because it wouldn't surprise me if mine would do that at any time. The little boy is in the fourth grade and I feel so very sorry for him and his family. We all walk a very rocky road daily. I don't know what precipated the action, but it doesn't matter. I still feel for what his parents are going through, as well as the little boy himself. He probably wonders, "What's the big deal?" When do they start to get it??

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:bravo: This is impressive! :bravo:

I experience a niggling feeling of superiority when a difficult child that I don't own, blows.

It never lasts long. :rofl:


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:smile: Most of us can relate to the quandry of "At least my kid is not the worse" and "Poor kid, wonder what's going on with him/her/?"

Hope the new school is working out for difficult child.



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I love the way you put it, Linda! It sorta made me feel like I needed to do the happy dance, BUT it could me MINE at any given time.

Before this happened, I had emailed the teacher and asked him for a time for a parent/teacher conference next week. He wrote back and said, "D is doing really well in class and seems to be adjusting well. He is getting his work done and seems to be willing to learn. We are so glad he is here." WHAT?????? husband asked me to make sure the email was meant for US and that it wasn't about another child. Can't wait to hear what his teacher REALLY has to say next week.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: PamelaJ</div><div class="ubbcode-body">husband asked me to make sure the email was meant for US and that it wasn't about another child. </div></div>

I checked to make sure I had the right report card when Duckie's teacher said she was a joy to have in class! I soooo understand that feeling of relief when your child isn't the worst. Duckie's has three (count 'em, THREE ) little boys and one little girl in her class that work hard everyday to make our Duckie look like an angel next to them! :angel: :rofl:
This poor teacher seems to get the most difficult kids because she used to be a middle school special education teacher. All the warrior parents request her for kindergarten! :wink:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'><span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Its always great to know you are not the only one in the rowboat....</span></span>

:whew: :smile:


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How sad. when my difficult child was in the self contained room with the other 8 boys and her, I used to worry- would she get hurt from one of their outbursts? I also used to worry- what kind of role modeling would she learn from their behaviors?
I also feared for the other kids, were they getting the appropriate help they needed?