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    difficult child's dad started texting her about an hour ago. Apparently, it's going fairly well. He's being "vague" about why he wasn't around, but he did tell her it was because he was mad at me but that it wasn't an excuse. He also told her that she had every right to be angry and upset. He told her that he received an anonymous email on facebook (can't do anything anonymous on facebook) and I'm guessing that is because I had said that she didn't know I was sending him a message. I think that's pretty decent of him as he didn't know if I wanted her to know or not.

    I had my phone unplugged because difficult child was calling earlier doing her angst thing and wanting to come home. I'm going to have the house to myself for 4 days starting tomorrow, as the big kids are going to be housesitting for my mom, and I was not letting anything stop that from happening. I talked to E and she said I should just unplug the phone. So I did. And then this happens. LOL I guess she tried to call about 20 times, then called my mom, who called my son, who told me. Then I called difficult child.

    I had to laugh because difficult child told my mom, "I called her at least 20 times and she would have at least called me back to tell me to stop calling."

    So, I guess we'll see how this goes. I hope he's grown up.
  2. nvts

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    Whoa! That's huge! I've been following this whole thing (haven't had a minutes peace to respond - it's been a warzone with difficult child 1 for a loooong time here) and didn't think this would happen.

    I'm rattling beads and praying for protection for your daughters feelings. Hope he proves himself worthy of her.

  3. busywend

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    Fingers crossed......holding breathe.....do the right thing biodad, do the right thing.....
  4. Shari

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    Another one with all appendages crossed
  5. Mom2oddson

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    Got my fingers crossed too. Ran into easy child's paternal G-ma a couple of weeks ago. Gave her easy child's number, even though it's the same one for 7 years, just in case she or his Bio-Dad wanted to talk to him. Not a word, but easy child & I expected that.

    Hope Bio-Dad keeps up the contact!! It's so important for kids to know that their parents love them.
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    Rattling beads and crossing everything. I too hope that he proves himself worthy of difficult child.
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    It is so difficult for kids when their bioparents show them time after time that they just cant be bothered with them. I despise that in a person. It doesnt cost a dime to cuddle your child. It doesnt cost a nickle to make your child smile by tickling them and giving them a kiss. Why in heavens name do you think that when Keyana is asked who she loves best, she says "my Daddy." Daddy certainly doesnt spend the most money on her!