Hey, Amber. Has Anyone Welcomed You Yet???


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I just noticed your post and thought I would reach out and
say hello and welcome. It's such a pleasure to see a Newbie
who early on displays the compassion and caring that our cyber family tries to maintain. Glad to have you aboard. DDD


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Thank you DDD for welcoming me! I have not exactly posted a big intro letter, as it seems there are too many things to even mention! I just thought I would jump in when I see a post that I can relate to and encourage someone with. I am sure I will post in time my own dilemmas, but you know what is weird? I have been doing this solo for SO long, that I almost don't even know how to ask for help. It is something, however, that I need to do, and will be working on. I appreciate the welcome - and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.


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Adding my welcome. I'm not a single parent but I can relate to not knowing how to vent and receive support, its much easier for me to try to offer it, I'm working on it too.


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Welcome Amber,

I was single parent to difficult child from his age 4 to age 14. His bio Dad, my dex also has drug addeciton/alcohol issues and I am quite sure other issues, i.e. depression judging from the rest of his family. I think I may be able to relate to your situation. I am so glad you found this site-it has truly helped me out. There are so many wise and caring individuals here.



Welcome, Amber,

You found a supportive place to vent, seek advice, or offer your experience in helping others. Sometimes, I feel too overwhelmed to even know what to post about my own difficult child, but just reading and supporting others helps. Glad you found us!


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Welcome, Amber! (Love the moniker, by the way)

This is one of best discussion boards I have ever come across. I'm glad you found us.


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Amber?? Ignore me for a minute...lol!

Are any of you old enough to have read <u>Forever Amber</u> ???

Yikes, that was a book my Mother did not want me to read!
DDD :blush:


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Thank you all for the awesome welcome! I am impressed already with the caliber and empahy of this group. I am sure I will be posting soon, as I have a million questions, and so few answers.
Oddly enough, my Mom named me "Amber" after the book Forever Amber.....??? I assume for the girls tenacity, and not the other sordid issues she was involved in...or at least I hope :tongue:

I just want to add my welcome too! It took me a long time before I felt comfortable enough to join this group. Now, I have to say that coming here has been one of the best choices I've made for myself in a long time. The people here are the best!!! WFEN