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    Whew, I have been SO busy! Wanted to stop in an wish you all a Happy Easter in between it all!

    One of sons eye appts is now behind us, it went OK.....a few more to go in the upcoming weeks, yes, all also out of town. In between, my doctor is still trying to decide if I have a problem with liver, and if it is from my illness or my medications- plus, add in now, am I diabetic, as well? possibly from my medications.....and why am I suddenly loeing my vision? And- eek, do I have lunng cancer? Kinda freaking me out, all of it. But little time to freak out, cuz still have more appts for my son, too. (for his heterotopia, seizures, cerebal palsy, and more for eye) And easy child is headed on her school trip to IRELAND.she is SO excited!

    difficult child started a JOB on Friday, and she is excited. I have my fingers crossed her anxiety and agoraphobia do not do her in, and that she can hold on to this job!

    husband is not handleing anything very well, right now..his anxiety and PTSD are worsening, and he is now haveing some imaginary anger issues with his docs....

    SO, we are busy as all get out, but we are hanging in here. Depending on where we are, and if I can get internet access----I will try to keep in touch.

    Hope you all have a happy Easter!!!!!!!! (gosh I miss being here posting and reading)
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    Dreamer-Happy Easter!

    Good for easy child going to Ireland and difficult child with her job!

    I'm sorry husband is struggling and I hope everything is o.k. with your liver.

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    Thank you, Sharon.

    Happy Easter! I sure hope it does not snow!
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    Happy Easter Dreamer!!

    OMG! I don't know how you keep up with it all. I'm worn out from reading it. lol

    I hope easy child loves her trip. Ireland, boy I'd love to go.

    Congrats to difficult child on the new job. I'll keep body parts crossed it goes well for her.

    As for your health, try not to get too worried until you actually get a diagnosis. No sense in stressing about something you may not have. Hope they get it figured out soon, though.

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    If I stop to think about it, I get very overwhelmed. I have added to how busy I can be by trying to do something fun with each chore...so like when I take son far away for an appointment, we try to also add in something really fun.a trip to a museum closeby or a mother son lunch or a walk in a park somewhere new? Actually, truth is we usually add a FEW fun things. And when we have to stay in a hotel, we make sure it has a poo, and at RMH, we do socialize.....providing the others are in the mood for whatever. Often groups come in there and serve amazing meals, and they also very often bring in trinkets for those of us at RMH.....then when me and son leave, we make plans for what we might bring on our next trip back there to give to others or we think of things to donate or whatever, and we have fun carrying thru with that.
    It kind of makes the dreaded and no fun appointments be secondary to "fun".

    Darned docs office of mine, grrr, they called Fri morning with some of my results, but they called on my house phone instead of cell number I gave them...so I called them back, but then they could not find my chart, so they said they would call me RIGHT back....an hour later I called them back again, and had to leave a voicemail, and an hour after THAT I called back again and answering service said they had shut down the phones so they could finish exams etc and get out for the holiday. I called Sat morning, but becuz of holiday, noone worked. Grrr.
    Soooooo I am telling myself, whatever the results are-I am already living with the problem......getting answers only means we can work on doing someething positive about whatever problems there might be? SOmetimes I listen to myself about it.LOL. And other times I am walking around scared half to peices. :-(
    AT least I do have a lot going on to keep me busy.
    I LOVE Easter! ANd I am so happy for easy child.