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Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by 'Chelle, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Got results of tests done by the doctor today-- officially type2 diabetes. Always been overweight, and after easy child became VERY overweight. So now it's on to a diet and exercise if I want to stay healthy. Wasn't a shock with the symptoms I had and my weight at all, but still a little down. Will be a bit of a wait to get to the Diabetic counsellor for nutrition and blood testing instructions and stuff so just going with what I know of healthy diets. Being overweight all my life I've been on lots of diets, so I'm actually pretty knowledgeable about nutrition, but when you get busy with kids etc it's easier to grab whatever's available and that's usually not healthy.

    So, thanks for having this forum, and just reading posts I feel the support everyone needs.
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    'Chelle, I PM'd you.

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    Come join our little club. I'm in the same boat, plus throw in a liver that's loaded with fat (not bad, for someone who's been on a low fat diet for years). Dreamer is also on board with a lot of similar stuff.

    Losing weight is the best way to treat a fatty liver, I was told, plus necessary to try to ward off or ease Type II diabetes. But how to lose weight? So I'm experimenting based on Australia's most reputable diet book and taking diet pills prescribed by the gastroenterologist while trying to limit intake without going into malnutrition.

    It's like walking a tightrope while blindfolded and on crutches.

    Come join our merry band!

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    my cousin and I, who is also overweight, joke about that fact that most overweight folks know all about nurtrition!! Now if we could just follow what we know.......

    If it was easy or there was a quick fix, there wouldn't be so many overweight folks in the world.....

    Glad you are joining us. If we can share any tips or recipes, let us know.

    Your healthy lifestyle begins today!!