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    Been reading all the new posts; sounds like everyone is pushing the right direction with these rough situations. My difficult child came home from juvie a week ago; he was SO happy to get out of there,hated the food lol. He's been pretty good, he did post on facebook which he was not supposed to do He's on "home sup" until 8/24 when we get his probation terms. That means he has to be at home or with me, no friends, no phone except to family members. He's pretty bored, only a small bit of defiance, nothing like before. We met with the initial probation officer and she was great - nice but very no-nonsense tough even. She spent about 1 1/2 hours with us and she writes the recommendation to the judge and then he gets a permanent po. So far it seems that calling the cops and throwing him in juvie was a good move (actually it was the only move i had); the court people have all been helpful and seem like they really care about helping families.
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    Glad you are back!! Sounds like things are better! :)