Hi! I'm new and going nuts!


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What do you do when everyone seems to be coming to you to "control his issues" that he's not displaying at home? We have our 8 year old in a program that is for behavioral children. The school is called a "Day Treatment Program" and each child receives therapy from their counselor on a weekly basis. So far, he's picked up a slew of new things to do during an outburst/meltdown from the other souls and we're getting calls from the counselor (his new one) telling us that we should be considering putting him in a residential program throughout the summer to get a "better understanding" of his diagnosis. The best part is: they induced the meltdowns. We told them that if they switched out his 1 to 1 para, he was going to end up regressing but they changed the guy out anyway.

I'm at my wits end!!!

Thank you for letting a "newbie" vent!



A couple of thoughts:

Can you sit down with the team (including higher-ups) and talk to them about the problems?

Do you think he's in the right program? Maybe a different program (non-residential) would know how to work with him better?

Again, welcome. You will find a lot of support here.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Hi I just wanted to add my welcome!!! Sorry you had to find us. I have no experience with Day treatment programs. But I just wanted to let you know that you are welcome to vent away!!!
We all struggle with various issues!!! Read up take a deep breath and glad you are here.


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We have a meeting being set up to go over our concerns. The problem is primarily that they have a serious communication problem within the school itself. It seems the mental health side does not communicate with the academic side. Since our son has no problems in the academic end, they don't think about consulting us or the therapist when they're going to change things. The primary trigger for "E's" meltdowns is transition. There's no consistancy in the classroom or even the theraputic side of things. As a matter of fact, the counselor that is thinking a residential program (which I absolutely refuse to consider), has only been seeing him for 3 weeks. E's therapist for this year was a grad student.


I just wanted to add my welcome.

There are others that have much more experience with Day Treatment. I'm sure they'll be around. Weekends are kind of slow some times.

I'm glad you've found us.


Refrain from saying, "I told you so." :grin: "I had concerns about this change," would be better.

I'd request the original para reassigned to difficult child until the new para has been trained. Do it in writing via certified mail addressed to the District Special Education Director.

Welcome aboard. :smile: