Hi, my name is Denise and I'm a lurker....

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    Hello~I have been coming here for several years and reading and learning. I feel like I know so many of you already.
    My signature should explain why I'm here.
    I work full time as a secretary on construction sites. My company has been fantastic with Dr. appointments, leaving early, coming in late, even bringing my difficult child 2 to work with me many, many times due to his issues.
    He had neuro pysch testing done 9 months ago and it really didn't tell me anything I didn't know. Anxiety, mood disorder, ADHD. We are working with a child pyschiatrist that is very cautious with medications which I think is great.
    B~(difficult child 2) is having some problems at this time...manic phase I suppose. He seems to do well for a month or two then regress for a month...over and over and over. He had a horrible panic attack saturday night. Too much for a kid.
    I feel for us all. Thank you for letting me in.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Welcome, Denise! Glad you have stepped out of the lurking shadows and introduced yourself!

    Do you find that the Daytrana helps difficult child 2 in any way? We couldn't use it at all for our difficult child 2 until he was completely stable on his BiPolar (BP) medications because it made manic symptoms worse. Just wondering if that might explain part of the instability you are seeing right now...
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    So Denise -

    A lurker........with a Pitbull.........and a construction secretary.......with a difficult child. YOU could be me. lol. Wait - are you neurotic and a sock snob? Are you going to marry a biker? How is it that we're both so good looking and intelligent. WE may be twins......lol.

    Ah heck - welcome to the family. Glad you're not a shadow-person anymore. (note to self did not come out of the shadows on the last amnesty shadow lurker day) - lol

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    Hi Denise and welcome I'm new here too. I would think if all 3 dogs are difficult child's you can put the cats down as having some sort of stress disorder too. Don't think PTSD would qualify because of the first word "post" maybe ongoing tramatic stress disorder. Anyway glad you came out of the closet and decided to join us.

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    Well Star, I am a bit neurotic. Socks? Lucky to find 2 that match. Married to a man that looks like a biker but drives a truck. LOL And, Zeus (furbaby) is an American Bulldog, he looks like a Pit on steroids. 100lbs of love.

    The Daytrana helps with his hyperactivity quite a bit. He was without it this past weekend and yesterday at school. I can def. tell a difference. He had a baseball game last night and my husband coaches and he said that we should never take him anywhere again without being on the Daytrana. Obviously it was quite a chaotic scene in the dugout.
    The Lamictal has helped the rages he used to have all the time. He still has them but not near as frequent. I know he "needs" something else, I just don't know what. My gut is telling me to fix the anxiety. ??
  6. deniseinsatx

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    Oh and helpangel....I think my cats are from h*ll. They could care less about anyone and anything as long as they eat. LOL
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    Welcome, Denise!
  8. flutterby

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    Hi and welcome!

    I would say that you probably do need to add something else; probably an atypical antipsychotic. Smallworld who is our medication expert has had good success with Seroquel (correct me if I'm wrong, SW) and I *believe* it has a better side effect profile than some of the others. Seroquel does help with anxiety, as well as sleep, impulse control and acute mania. Of course, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.
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    Hi Denise! I am dealing with a very anxious panic disordered 12 year old myself. Lots of fun right? Yeah! I told my difficult child yesterday that he can not spend his life hiding out at home. Flouxetine helped in the past so we are going that route again. However, that will take a few weeks to take effect so for now the rollercoaster's curve from downhill to uphill has begun but I think he is stuck in the curve. Sure is taking too long to start upward!

    I hope your difficult child is feeling better. So hard for these young guys to recover and not be afraid of when the next one will hit. Is it hard for him to go to school? My difficult child hates being at school - he doesn't want to feel horrid while at school.
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    Adding in my welcome-glad you came out of the shadows!:)
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    Welcome!!! Glad you came out of Lurkville! Lurkville is nice, but not as nice as WE are!

    Sounds like you have your hands full. Sorry about your cats. My kitties are my sanity!! on the other hand, I have a cockatiel that is a demon in disguise. totally evil animal! I can't even GIVE this thing away - the only people that want her are people I KNOW are hoarders. And I can't do that even to this evil animal.

    Have you tried an atypical antipsychotic like seroquel or abilify for the anxiety? I know many here have had great results with these medications. My eldest son, Wiz, was on risperdal for many years and it was wonderful for anxiety as well as aggression. Luckily he doesn't need it now, but when he was your son's age it was awesome. But he is an Aspie and not mood disordered.

    It would be worth asking the doctor to try.

    Just wanted to say Welcome!
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    Welcome and congrats for coming out of Lurkedom Denise!!!
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    Denise, Welcome!!! We have 5 cats here and 2 at our other home. The dog loves to try and proclaim turf (she is very submissive) and it has taken her 4 years!!!
    The antipyscotic Abilify has helped my daughter. She is on 125 lactimal too.