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  1. Hi,
    I have two kids and my 8 year old has impulsive/hyperactive ADHD with either frustration issues or a mood disorder (we have started evaluations by a neuropsychologist).

    He couldn't function in school anymore so we pulled him and I have been homeschooling him for the last year. He is seeing a psychiatrist and we have gone through a few counselors. The last couple said they couldn't help him anymore - they said he needed something more intensive. A TSS has been recommended and we are probably going to try to start wading through that process at some point. He's also had some awful reactions to medications and the professionals seem kind of perplexed as to what to do with him. My husband and I don't always agree on what to do with his medications, therapy, etc., either. It becomes really stressful whenever we have to talk through something new. My husband keeps telling me not to let all of this affect me, but I don't know how. I'm wearing out.

    His social skills are poor and he is always bothering somebody. A trip to the store or playground can be exhausting and humiliating.

    Anyway, I have read through a number of your posts and you seem like nice people. A lot of times I feel lonely in this journey and like my experience of parenting is so very different from the other parents around me. I hope you all don't mind my joining you.
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    Welcome to the board. Yes, we do understand where you are coming from. Your son sounds similar to mine. We often just stay home because going anywhere is just too hard.

    Are you a stay-at-home mom? Are you able to get some time to yourself? I homeschooled my son for 6 weeks in the spring because he was having so much trouble at school and it was very hard.

    I think a lot of us have had the experience of our partners not "getting" it. If you can find a way to not let this affect you, then package your solution and make your fortune selling it to other frazzled parents! I would certainly buy it.

    When your son attended public school, did he have an IEP? Many schools (especially those with autism inclusion programs) offer social skills therapy. If, by chance, you are in CA I can recommend a private program for social skills therapy.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome to our corner of the world-it really is a soft place to land. I remember feeling so drained when I first found this site. This place has been a lifesaver. You will find much support here.

    Be sure to somehow find time to take care of you so that you get some "me" time. As for the grocery store, husband and I have to tag team. The few times we end up taking him we are always exhausted and frustrated.
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    Welcome, Drained!
    Here's a cup of cocoa. :)

    My husband keeps telling me not to let all of this affect me, but I don't know how. I'm wearing out.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. What do THEY know? LOL.

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    Oh, I have been there done that with my husband more times than I could count. My husband used to blame the medications for how difficult child acted, and the next day he would say that difficult child needed more medications. Used to drive me nuts. Now he has pretty much come around to my way of thinking on this matter, but it took a diagnosis of BiPolar (BP) for him.

    How can it not affect you? How can you not let it get to you? I wish I knew the answers to these. I think that at times our difficult child's get to all of us. The best thing you can do is take time for yourself to do something for you. I color--sounds silly but it helps me to concentrate on something other than difficult child or husband. It is a way I can escape but still appear to be here.

    Hugs, and I am glad you found us but sorry you had the need to find us.