High Fructose Corn Syrup


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After reviewing all of the recommended diets and food plans for special needs kids, we decided to just make 1 change at a time because otherwise it isn't practical. We have successfully eliminated pop. I'm now going to try eliminating corn syrup. Does it go by any other name?

I couldn't believe how many things it is in!! Even ketchup, luckily Heinze has an Organic Ketchup that doesn't have it cause if Eeyore had to give up ketchup -we'd have a war!

Thanks for any advice from the been there done that crowd!


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Just so you know, there are organic sodas out there without corn syrup and food coloring. I would avoid any modified corn starches too. Corn syrup is "chemically altered corn starch" so when I see modified corn starch, I view it as a buzz word for corn syrup.

I would try to get them off of anything with food coloring too. Even my easy child has issues with it. He begged me for fruit loops at the hotel we stayed at last week and I gave in. He didn't even finish half of them and he was bouncing off the walls....literally! He can have it, occasionally, because he doesn't rage like Missy does, but I have to prepare myself for the hyperactivity that he experiences.


I love the organic italian sodas with no added sugar I can't think of the label name but the berry one is great and so is the lemon


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Thanks all. We are slowly replacing everything with corn-syrup free (organic if we can find it) alternatives.

Thanks for your help and please any more suggestions are welcome!!