Holy Diet Pills Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    Ok, ok, I just said that because I couldn't think of anything snappy to rhyme with fifteen and it's after 6 pm and I haven't done the weekly check-in thread!

    So, this is your week fifteen check in post. My progress continues to be steady. I lost .8 last night so I'm at 27.8 pounds. I also added 10 minutes to my treadmill/cardio beginning last Friday. So I keep on plugging.

    How about you guys, how was your week?

  2. Wiped Out

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    LDM-Good for you on the steady progress!!!! The extra 10 minutes is a good thing!

    I really struggled last week with food and it showed on the scale with a 1.2 pound gain on the scale Saturday. I continue keep at the workouts. Even when I'm really stressed it feels good-even if I don't get the best workout in I figure it's better than nothing. I think I'm doing a little better on the food this week but not great. I'm just doing a lot of emotional eating right now.

    On the bright side, I brought my walking shoes to work today and my student teacher and I walked about 2 1/2 miles in 35 minutes during our lunch break-then we ate lunch in my room while the kids were at computers. In addition, I did weights and another short cardio after work.
  3. Loving Abbey 2

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    Way to go sharon!! I've heard you have to keep stepping up the exercise to keep losing.

    Wiped out--good for you! I often walk at work at lunch.

    So I remain at 12lbs lost (same as last week). I think it's because I haven't been eating healthy with difficult child at the psychiatric hospital. I have started walking faster and man it really hurts my shins. But after a bit it stops hurting. I can tell it's helping because I am sore afterwards (my whole leg) and I haven't been sore in a bit.

    On the plus side is a size change. I was in an 18 comfortably and a 16 was tight. I tried on a pair of capris from last summer, size 14 and they fit!! Maybe it's the brand but I don't care, it's a smaller size!!!
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Sharon, you know the drill so none of us have to say it. I think it's great that you and your student teacher walk during lunch. Getting out of that work enviornment (especially an enviornment that includes high numbers of children) is a great thing!

    Michelle, hey girl, a smaller size is a smaller size! Congrats! I would suggest that you spend some time doing some stretching before you walk. Even if you go out to the curb and stretch your calves and shins. That's really important so that you don't injure yourself. Maybe some "real exercisers" will come on and give you some specific things you can do for your shins. Keep up the good work!!

  5. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone,

    Sharon (LDM) -- your steady progress is inspiring. Good work with adding 10 extra minutes to your workout:exercisebike:

    Sharon (WO)-- getting out for a walk in the middle of the day is a wonderful way to improve your health. Both physical AND mental:thumbsup:

    Michelle -- 12 lbs is a great achievement. And congratulations on getting into a smaller size. That's a great feeling, and just in time for the warm weather too.:you_go_girl:

    Things are ticking along steadily in the Trinity household with our family fitness program. husband is down 50 more lbs (now only 120 lbs left to go, he's halfway there...I'm so proud of him) Little easy child is in the dance troupe for his school talent show, and they're doing a cowboy dance. :dance:

    It's so very cute and he has been teaching me the steps.

    I'm making progress with my quest for emotional health. For the first time since I can remember, I am showing my emotions and actually speaking up about what I feel and what I want. Who knew that all this time, the secret to getting support was to ask for it. I know it sounds silly, but it's been a revelation.

    Dance class is getting better and better. I'm finally starting to feel like I know what I'm doing a little bit. :cutie_pie: I haven't fallen on my @ss in a couple of weeks, and I only stepped on my teacher's toes twice last class (although I did punch him in the jaw during a spin...sigh) Who said that dance isn't a contact sport?

    I have made husband promise to bring the camera and videotape me during class next week, so you'll be able to see the CD Board Dancin' Fool in action.

    Good work everyone!
  6. crazymama30

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    I have been excercising regularily, and I bought a new pair of jeans. Same size, same brand, but they fit way bigger than before. Either they changed how they made them or I lost weight. I am just not into scales, I weigh about every month. I am trying to be more focused on how I feel, and my weight loss is very slow so I do not want to lose hope.
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    Trinity, congrats to husband!!! That is quite an accomplishment - I'm sure you are proud of him and he of himself. Make sure he posts the video here!

    CM30, don't you just love it when your clothes fit better! I think slow weight loss is the best and focusing on how you feel is the most important thing - at least in my book!

    Keep it up ladies - I think we look marvelous!!!!!!

  8. 'Chelle

    'Chelle Active Member

    Another week and I've been doing well. I haven't found the changes too hard to make actually. Got some info in the mail from the diabetic education centre with a sheet of foods and diet etc. and I've found I've only had to cut down portion sizes and up the portion sizes of my vegies and salads more. I've always liked my vegies, but no one else in the family does other than easy child will eat a few, so I found I ate fewer of them myself. I have cut out the sweets and pop pretty much. Did have a kid's size DQ icecream cone (smaller than a small cone) when the kids wanted to go, but I've never been one to eliminate completely. I find that knowing you "can't" have something usually makes that thing stand out as something you crave and you end up eating too much of other things to compensate while still craving the forbidden food.

    CM30, not weighing in every week is not a bad thing. I agree with you, the thing is to concentrate on the exercise, on eating foods that best make your body work properly, and how you feel. Generally doing those things will slowly take off unnecessary weight, as it slowly crept on. Your looser fit proves that.

    About the exercising and sore muscles, when I used to play field hockey and run 2 miles a day in my late teens, the coach did mention to us after a particularly hard practise to make sure your sodium level is up (just a couple shakes of salt on your next meal). You sweat and lose salts etc. when you exercise, and that contributes to sore muscles after if you don't replenish the salts. Not a usual advice anyone gives when talking about health, and I'd ask your doctor especially if you have high blood pressure etc., but it did seem to help. That's why most "exercise" drinks contain sodium, potassium etc.
  9. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Sounds like people are doing well despite the occasional slip-up.

    I'm well into my routine, as far as food goes. But it's hard to tell what my weight is doing. it's 10 days since I weighed myself at the doctor, on her scales, and it read 91 Kg. Since then I've weighed myself on mother in law's scales two days ago, and it still showed 91 Kg, so the earlier, faster weight loss seems to have stopped. I've not broken my diet in the slightest nor have I missed any of my diet pills, so I'm wondering if maybe they've stopped working (a few months early!). They're supposed to work for at least 6 months; it's been one and a half (exactly - two foils in a box, second box, one complete foil left).

    I still haven't had an opportunity to buy a belt to hold up my jeans - I finally gave up on Tuesday when I found the village op-shop not open (it's only open on Tuesdays). I planned to buy a belt yesterday but ran out of time to visit the 'mainland' op-shop. I can't afford to keep buying clothes so I rummaged to see what I could find. And a miracle! I found some loose-weave cotton trousers, drawstring, which I bought on impulse but which have always been too tight. Now - they're loose but the drawstring is enough. A bit cool for this weather, though. The too-large jeans - I put in the wash and found another pair, a size or two smaller. They're a bit loose but not falling off my hips yet.
    I wore a shirt yesterday which hasn't fitted across my bust for several years now.

    easy child & BF1 dropped in to stay overnight with mother in law, on Wednesday night. They both are overweight (badly) and have dieted in the past but not stuck to it for more than a couple of months. I think easy child was shocked when she saw me - those white trousers did make me look a lot slimmer. We talked about the diet plus what has forced me onto it. I've suggested she ask her doctor about a couple of blood tests, to make sure she isn't developing insulin resistance. I'm concerned about BF1, that he could be heading for diabetes. It runs in his family, too. easy child's been keeping an eye on her BMI - she says she's now bordering on obese, so she could qualify for Reductil also.

    I've been able to increase my activity a little - I try to walk a bit further, but I think I may have reached my physical limit. The extra distance may have just been made possible by the weight I've taken off.

    I just finished replanting my vegetable bed for the winter crop. I bought some seeds and seedlings yesterday, husband dug some compost out for me and I've done the rest. Once he and mother in law have finished watching all the Anzac Day ceremonies on TV today, I'll wheel the barrow down to her place and work on her garden down there. Meanwhile, I'll go and weed my front garden. I figure gardening is good exercise plus I get to enjoy the results. And with a barrow load of compost, I can quickly pot up some seeds in the seedling trays I just liberated.

    My garden bed is the size of a large dining table. It's got sleeper walls and is full of compost and manure and covered with netting. It doesn't get enough sun, especially in winter, but with all the rain we've been getting it's doing well for water. The crops take longer to grow but it's satisfying growing your own, especially to eat it freshly harvested. I like to grow varieties which are a little different, that you can't readily buy in shops. We've got red silverbeet and yellow silverbeet; yellow beans and green beans. Lots of fresh herbs, broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choi, carrots, cauliflower.

    Overall - I'm feeling fitter, I'm sleeping a bit better (less snoring, I think) and I bend more easily. All I need to do is make sure I keep drinking lots of water, and keep taking my vitamins. The rest seems to be taking care of itself. Of course I still get hungry - the diet pills are supposed to help there, but I've not noticed any drop in appetite. But I think I'm getting better at ignoring it.

    Six weeks down (for me), a lot more to go!

  10. trinityroyal

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    Marguerite, I wonder...could it be that with the extra exercising you're doing, you're gaining muscle tone? That would account for the smaller sizes with no corresponding change on the scale.

    Feeling fit, better sleep, smaller clothes. Sounds like you're making wonderful progress.

  11. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I'm not sure if I'm getting that much more exercise. All I'm doing is walking, the most I can do is a kilometre which I try to do twice a day but mostly it's just once. Apart from my heavy stint of gardening on Friday, I'm not doing much more than I have been, for years. I've always exercised close to or at my limit anyway. The extra bit of weight coming off has slightly increased my limit (less of me to carry around).

    But it is worth considering. And I've already got into my pyjamas now, so if I want to go for an evening walk I'll need to get clothes on again first. Maybe I'll just pull on my jeans and wrap my jacket round my pyjama top. On a dark night in a quiet town, nobody will notice. I've got some work to do first, though, after my meeting today.

    I didn't get my front garden weeded after all, but husband & I did go down to mother in law's and I did some re-potting of her plants down there. But I drove down (driving mother in law home, she's a bit unsteady on her feet even though she only lives 300 metres away), while husband wheeled the barrow. I'd intended to wheel the barrow but suddenly realised - it's one thing to manage at home, it's only short distances with the barrow in the backyard, but I can't go longer distances because it involves controlling the barrow as well as needing crutches to walk - not well thought out, Marg!

    I looked at the garden this evening (showing girlfriend, who came for dinner tonight) and it's all looking good, the seedlings are all sitting up and looking happy. Tomorrow night is watering night, if I think the garden needs it. husband is going to put in some irrigation hose for me, which I can run off the rainwater tank. I can then water the garden any time I like, because there are no restrictions on using rainwater.

    To anyone trying to lose weight I can heartily recommend gardening - you can still be thinking about food while you're working on growing it! And especially herbs, because they can inspire you to try different recipes and most recipes using herbs seem to be healthier, too. Except maybe Bearnaise sauce, which must be at least 50% butter!

  12. ML

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    Just wanted to say "Way To Go" ladies. I'm so proud of you all. I haven't achieved a continuum of success but I have been walking more and started counting points (WW) a few weeks ago. I've lost 4 pounds. I now wake up early before anyone is up and i go to the mall and walk for 45 minutes. I also walk sometimes at lunch breaks. It's all adding up.
  13. LittleDudesMom

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    keep up the good work!!!