Home alone?


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Good day,

Hard to believe, but my 25 yr. old daughter has 0 friends, lies, steals from family, consequently no one wants to host her when/ if we go out of town. She has a history of neglect, abuse, anxiety, depression, and is on the spectrum. Needs supervision (constant) as she's very immature, forgetful and her online activity very sexual in nature. ( confiscated phone / tablet due to unsafe behaviors putting us at risk). What do people do when they have to go somewhere without them?


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That is hard... You might want to copy and paste this to the Parents Emeritus forum on thus website. More parents of adult children are active on that forum and you might get more advice...

Would it be enough to just have someone stop by each evening? Have you ever thought about a group home or her own apartment if she qualified for some community services?



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We can't go anywhere either. So frustrating to have worked somewhere long enough to have time off and have the money but can't go anywhere. We did take the kids to Europe a couple of years ago because I'm losing my eyesight and it was a now or never kinda thing. Should have been never (and I implicate my 'good' kid in the negative outcome as well as the 'difficult' one).
So now it's nowhere.