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difficult child has done his homework all by himself all week. I have not even had to remind him. I hope this keeps up. He has not been doing silent reading, but I can only push so much and some things are not worth the fight.


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Thats so great!

My middle and youngest difficult child can't silent read. They can't focus on the words if it's quiet. If they read out loud, it helps some. They do much better being read to, but I guess that defeats the whole point of reading homework, huh? LOL


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Woo-hooo! That's great!

My difficult child 2 has trouble sticking with the reading, too. HOWEVER, he WILL read Calvin & Hobbes anthologies or Ranger Rick magazines without hesitation. :reading:

So like you, I try not to push too much and let him find ways to get the reading in wherever he can.


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While she was younger, she liked to be read to. As she got older, I would read a sentence out loud, then she would read a sentence back to me. We then gradually progressed to paragraphs, and then on to pages. If you're able to get your kids to read with a little help from you, he's still reading (though not silently). When N* first started to read aloud, she'd just run through the words in a big rush. I'd ask her to paraphrase what she'd read through, and she wasn't always sure. So, when it was my turn, I'd make sure I paused at commas and at the end of the sentence. I would also use different voice for different characters. As she got older, she'd mimic what I was doing. Silent reading is still a chore for her, while I'd read the back of a cereal box if there was nothing else close by. I'm a crazy person without something to read every day.


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The only thing my difficult child liked to silent read was a magazine. Not sure how much was actually being read, but she enjoyed it so I counted it! Mostly the highlights and hidden picture magazines - we ordered them.


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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I remember the first time I saw our difficult child reading for fun. I almost fell over.