Hopefully difficult child will learn

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Dec 12, 2010.

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    to listen better. Earlier this afternoon he asked if he could use the shredded mozzarella cheese to melt on his tortillas. I told him no and to throw it out (didn't realize it was still in the fridge). Of course, he didn't listen and ate it. Now he has been vomiting and I really think it is from that. I asked him how the cheese had tasted and he said good at first but then not-yet he kept eating it!! He feels absolutely awful. I feel awful for him but am hoping he has learned his lesson, at least a little bit!

    Question: Does anyone know how long it takes something like this to run its course? I have no real idea but am guessing it should be short term? Also I'm trying to figure out if it's safe to give him his medications or if they will just be coming back up. Hopefully it will be gone by morning or I will need to stay home with him.
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    Food poisoning is generally 8-24 hours except for really severe cases. He may just finally get it all up then manage some toast or applesauce to settle his stomach, too. How much did he eat and how bad was it?
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    The cheese was left from Thanksgiving and I would say at least 1/2 a cup, maybe more.
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    Big mistake. We had him take his medications because he had been o.k. for about an hour. Came right back up. Not sure how this will affect him as I can't replace the medications because his main medication, the Clozapine, we only get enough for a week at a time:(
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    I'm sure his stomach will be a little chancy for a bit. Keep him on the B.R.A.T. diet for a day or two.
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    Don't difficult child's just make you shake your head. Sheesh.
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    For future reference - we keep grated cheese in the freezer. To use it we take the bag out of the freezer, take out what I think I will use and put the bag right back in the freezer. if it thaws, be careful when you re-freeze it to take the bag out and break it up before it freezes too solidly again. Re-freezing cheese is OK, the problem with cheese going bad is when it either goes dry and hard (when it becomes fondue fodder) or it goes mouldy. The bacteria in bad cheese are different ones to what you get in other bad food, especially in bad meat. Cheese is a lot more forgiving. Unless the mozzarella was at some stage left out at room temperature or stored uncovered or unwrapped (and therefore contaminated) Thanksgiving should not be too old for mozzarella. Unless it had gone mouldy.

    There might have been something else he ate that was old and more rotten.

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    Hope your difficult child is feeling lots better this morning!!! SFR