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Ok. I have tried the vitamin thing, tea, prescriptions. It is getting worse. Today was the worst. I didn't sleep well because I was sweating so much. I had ice packs on me. I took a shower got ready for work. Was talking to husband and sweat was rolling off my head so bad I had to get a towel. My clothes were wet. So, change clothes, have deoderant, lotion, perfume. I am now at work where I am normally freezing and I am sweating. I can smell myself. I stink! Oh, my gosh. It has never been this bad. I mean sweat is actually dripping off my face. people must think I am nuts. ( I work in a room of all men) They don't get it. I am not up to telling them WHY I am sweating. Do I need to call the doctor about this? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif


I would call the doctor. Hot flashes are miserable in the best of circumstances, but yours sound more intense. Maybe they can provide you some relief.

I'm sorry you're so miserable with this. Not fun at all.


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Oh, Hun, how awful. I didn't suffer near that badly, but my mother did. I think you need to call your doctor and get some hormone replacement therapy. It's not for everyone, but you can't suffer like that.


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Yep, I with the others, call a doctor and get some relief. Hot flashes are one thing, but don't want you swept away in a raging river of sweat! Try to find a doctor who knows what they are doing when it comes to hot flashes, otherwise you will get the doctor who says try this, that for a while before you finally get some advice or medication that helps.....In the meantime find clothes that runners wear that adsorb the sweat....
I am experiencing much the same kind of problems. My physician prescribed estrogen.

No matter what I said, she prescribed estrogen.

And I may need to take her up on that one yet ~ but I don't think estrogen is the answer, either.

What I tell myself is that the heat and the flashing are my body's way of dealing with whatever pre-cancerous cells there may be.

And I think that is true.

Estroven may help you. (Not estrogen ~ Estroven.) It has helped me, but not that much. Nothing helps that much.

Pamprin will help with fluid retention and mood swings.

Magnesium can be helpful for periodic restless leg syndrome (which usually accompanies my sleepless nights).

They say it gets worse before we finally enter menopause, and that the symptoms will be markedly decreased once we are no longer subject to such intense hormone swings.

They say we will end up in a good mood place, not a bad mood place.

Talcum powder may help you. Carrying soap and washcloth and lotion and deodorant may help.

If we acknowledge what is happening to us, we can deal with it as we choose to.

Either we are sweating (and sweaty) because we are going through menopause, or we are carrying our personal hygiene items with us because we are going through menopause.

It makes it more difficult when we think we are the only ones this is happening to.

You are not the only one.

Be as gentle with yourself and your body as you can, going through this.

In a way, what is happening to you now is a miracle, as you change from someone preparing, every month, to have a child, to someone preparing to reclaim her own body.

It is a miracle, really.

You will come through it.



I was having hot flashes day and night every hour or so and was exhausted. I am on hrt and it has helped a lot--still have some hot flashes in the night but not nearly as bad. I think each case is individual--some of us are willing to take the risks involved in order to lead a more "normal" life--I was miserable, would not go back to feeling like that.


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I was miserable, too. Horrendous hot flashes during the day- drenchers- over and over! And waking up every 45 minutes with night sweats all night long.

I've been on the lowest dose of the estrogen patch there is for years now and it helps. Thank goodness. I simply couldn't function before.



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I've been cracking up my next door cube mate. She's got a heater on, and I'm sitting there fanning myself!

I can (so far) deal with the flashes durng the day, but these night ones are exhausting! I haven't had a full night's sleep for months.

But now I'm at that phase of carrying the "other" things around cuz I'm not sure if that's all done yet or not.


Well it has been TWO years since my surgery. How many more years do I have of this?


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Could be a while yet......! Everyone is different. My symptoms aren't as severe as they were, but I still have them. This started five years ago.