Hound dog, you wanted a pattern for a minion

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Thanks Janet for thinking about me. :)

    I have an earflap version worked out. Thankfully minions are just not difficult to replicate yarn wise. Not like say........oh, Nana, I'd like a spiderman hat. I've found patterns for that too.....not sure how much I like them yet........but geez I have 2 grandsons really wanting spiderman.......and both would like me to come up with a spiderman doll while I'm at it. Never mind that one of them is 12 yrs old. lol Aubrey would love Hello Kitty, which at least will give me something different that might not be too much of a pain. But then I still have doll clothes for her AG doll I found to produce too so I can give her that for xmas. (thankfully I have a couple of easy sew patterns too)

    I'm a little irritated right now. Weather is finally changing so I can work on xmas projects. Next thing you know I catch a respiratory virus that kicks my legs out from under me from a person I work with. I swear I'll never let anyone get that close to me again. omg I've got to medicate myself to go out and pay bills tomorrow. And since I'll be out, stop and get whatever things I need for the xmas projects because if they're going to get done I have to get started. And since I can't really afford to go out and buy them anything, I really need to get started. (I mostly need stuffing for the doll projects)

    Sooooo, what were you looking up to work on? And did you find it?
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    Well I was just looking for a pattern to do the ear flap hats. They are selling some at Walmart for $20 but then those do have ears that flap on top when you push part of them.

    I also need to find a pattern to make a diaper bag because I got the monkey a doll that is real...well almost real. Its anatomically correct! Its a boy too. Im thinking of a little blue diaper bag.
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    Did you find one for the ear flap hat?

    I use this one because it is easy to adjust for anyone.....it's based on measurement. Note though, that although Darrin is 9.....the size she is doing for herself fits him perfectly. My grandchildren all inherited Fred's rather large head. lol


    I've not spotted any bag patterns, purse or otherwise, that have struck my fancy.
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    minions are so cute! I have seen more than a few cross stitch patterns for them. Lots of people do something called 'filet crochet' using patterns that look (and work) like cross stitch patterns. If you like I can give you websites with patterns to explore. I don't know if you do that crochet, but thought you might be interested. You could also sew or bead minions onto almost anything.
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    That my little kitty purse is cute as all get out!