How are you doing with-exercising &

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healthy eating? Just thought I'd check in to see how people are doing. I wish I was doing as well with my eating as my exercising! I'm doing o.k. though-maintaining just not losing. I swear that last 10 will not come off! Of course, I keep forgetting that just because I exercise doesn't mean I can eat non stop! :wink:

Right now my chest is sore because I tried the barbell for the first time yesterday instead of the dumbbells! husband had to help me with it-it was very heavy for me and that was with no weights added on! Guess I still have a ways to go! My glutes are killing me too because I added weights to this one cardio machine I do.


Because my girls are done with camp and we've had a lot of appointments (doctor and tutoring), I haven't been able to get to the gym much. But husband gave me the morning off today, and I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer, 27 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I've felt tired but relaxed all day.

Like you, Sharon, my weight is maintaining. I'd like to lose 5 pounds. I'm eating healthy meals, but apparently still too many calories to lose any weight. Maybe once school starts again . . .


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Doing great! Been to the gym 11 out of the last 14 days! Wahoo!! This past weekend ate a bit to much, but I was out of town and I always will eat to much when I am on vacation so my body better get used to it!

Nomad, looked for your post but could not find one.

I think the fat burning and cardio get confused easily. When losing weight you should do the fat burning part of a work out. When you are maintaining you do the cardio to strengthen your heart and keep your muscle.

From what my trainer says (who knows really!) it is best to build arm, back, & leg muscles to tone those areas. For belly fat it is best to lose weight and then work on building the muscles there.

So, I do 35 (building up still) minutes on the treadmill with a target of heart rate at 115-118 - this is only going 3.4 on the treadmill - not too fast. But, I do breakout in sweat.
Then, one day I do biceps & back, next day legs, & next day triceps and shoulders. No belly exercises - but that is where my worst problem is.

If anyone knows differently, let me know.


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Sw-Sounds like you are doing well-glad you were able to get to the gym yesterday-I always feel way better when I do.

Nomad-I think eating healthy is really important-and usually I'm pretty good with it. I've maintained most of my weight loss I lost with- ww 11 years ago. As for the exercise, I agree it's important to start out slowly. Otherwise people can injured or burned out. I actually have been working out 4-6 days a week for years. I'm going to look at your post next.

Busywend-11 out of 14 days!!-Good for you!!! I'm the same way when I go on vacations. I think it's important to know it's o.k. to not always have to watch what we eat!


I became a lifetime member of WW nine years ago.However, once I made lifetime, I stopped going.I kept within 10- 15 pounds of my goal over the years, until the last 2 years.Working the night shift several nights a week, combined with tons of difficult child stress -- well, exercise fell by the wayside. I also ate alot of peanut butter ( my personal 'anti-stress "drug")!

I was inspired by a similar thread to rejoin WW 11 weeks ago. I've lost 18 pounds and am half way to my goal. I hope to work for WW after I reach goal. It is the best program!

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Nomad-I bet you will make a great leader!! I work very part time for WW (Saturday mornings) but I am just a weigher. I like it a lot-I get paid to talk to people and help them with their weight loss!

Kate-Good for you for rejoining WW and losing 18 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!