How Come . . . .


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it's ALWAYS sunny and 70+ degrees the day I have to go back to work?

Yesterday it started out sunny and warm and promised to be a great day for catching some rays at my sister's annual Memorial Day cookout. The one holiday party I manage not to host. I get to make a couple of dishes to share and then sit and relax.

About noon, the clouds rolled in and the temps dropped 10 degrees. I didn't get to spend one minute in my brand new bathing suit or get any sun on my pasty legs. In fact, at one point husband made a trip across town to get sweatshirts and pants for all of us. Kids did fly kites - I guess that's one thing!

Actually, the kids did get in the pool and play on the slip-n-slide anyway - despite the temps, so I know they had a good time.

Of course, today it's back to work - the sun is out and they are promising temps in the 70's by noon. Isn't that always the case??? :hammer: