How do I help him


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Spring break just ended. My son called me Monday morning in hysterics. He could not get on the bus and go back to school. I came home, we talked it through. He is not afraid of going to school, and assures me there is no bullies and no harassment happening. Its actually the opposite, he is lonely. He started this school in October and hasn't made any friends. I purposefully called in late to work so I could take him to school today because I had a feeling he wasn't quite resolved. Sure enough, as soon as we hit the campus he went into uncontrollable crying. Once I got him to calm down we decided it was worth a trip to a local children's guidance center. The intake counselor suggested he try to make appointments as soon as possible with his psychiatrist and psychologist and look into joining a teen therapy group. He asked them if he could attend their partial program for awhile (he was in it over the summer) and we are waiting now for the admissions folks. He is also asking if we would consider letting him do online high school and be home schooled from now on. He is a good student so I think he could do it but I'm not sure taking him out of school is the right way to prepare him for being an adult (he's a sophomore in high school). At the same time, I can't exactly go to school with him everyday and make friends for him. I just really don't know how to help him.


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Teenagers are incredibly cruel. And lots of times, teachers aren't any better than the kids. And then the whole school environment - swarms of people, high decibel noise, pep rallies...

Are there other schools he could go to? As in, a LOT smaller? I don't know how big that school is, but I know 1000 kids is way worse than 100 kids. And some schools have independent-learning options right in school - so it's like home-school, except they still go to school. A teacher is there to help keep them on track etc. while they work through on-line classes.