how do I secure my computer connection?

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    My neighbor called and asked me if I had a laptop; I said no and asked why. She said when she was logging on to hers, she was given the choice of 2 other connections besides her own. The 2 named connections were the
    ones that I had used, I recognized the names.

    I use a desk top that was set up to accomodate the possible use of another computer, but I never got one. It was originally set up with a lynxsys router, but I decided not to use it after awhile and went to just the speedstream modem.

    This past summer I had a borrowed work laptop at home for a little while and it's gone now. I had bought and installed a dlink router while I was using the laptop.

    Do I have a connection going that I don't need? Moreover, how do I protect the one I want to use from people being able to gain access to my connection?

    I am not at all tech savvy, so if you have some tips for me keep it as elementary as you can stand.
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    Hmmmm... is your router wireless? That may be the connection your neighbor is seeing.

    I don't know how tell you to make it secure. Your easy child/laptop OS software should have something in it that sets the security level for outgoing connections via the router. You may need to poke around the menus to see what you can find.
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    Hmmmm, this is something I am not totally sure about - however - it seems the only way your neighbor could have gotten your connection information is if you are wireless. Is that correct?

    If so, I am not sure how to protect yourself. I know of people who park in front of people's houses that have wireless internet, so they can have free internet connection, (yes, such upstanding citizens) So I know it is easy and very possible to access other's internet connections. However, I am very sure that in order to access your personal data on your computer they would need a password, etc., so I do not think your personal docs are at risk.

    If this still does not answer your question, call a local computer repair company and ask them. Those computer geeks (said lovingly) know absolutely everything about this stuff, and love to share.
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    Ooops gvs just posted at the same time.
    Ct, forgive the redundancy of my question.;)
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    If it is a wireless router, meaning you don't actually have to connect to the router with a "wire" then you can set up a password to secure the access to your connection. It will ask for a WEP, which means that the connection is encrypted and no password means no connection. Who set up the router? It is not too difficult to set up, just google WEP and I bet you could get instructions. Also may have a set up guide if you still have instructions for your router or modem...... good luck
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    husband says you have to turn off the Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) (signal id) so your connection isn't broadcast. It would be found in your router settings, check your manual.