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    Ok, so this is a mini vent.

    Proficiency testing is this week, M, T, and W. Since difficult child attends school online, she has to go to a site reserved by the school and we have reserved her seat.

    She started throwing up at 1am. At 5:30 am I emailed her teacher to let her know that she would not be able to test today. At 6:30 am I emailed the generic email address for testing and asked that they let me know how to reschedule today's test. I told them I had been up with difficult child all night and would be trying to get some sleep and to please respond to the email.

    They started calling at 10:00 looking for Wynter. The phone wasn't in my room, but I have talking caller ID which was saying 'Ohio Call' which means it's a cell phone and I didn't get up to answer. I didn't get to sleep til after 8am. Then someone comes to my house and rings the doorbell at 11:45.

    Because of my cognitive stuff, when I first wake up I often have trouble focusing and with balance. So I didn't answer the door. However, I returned the phone call. It was the testing coordinator. She was very nasty to me, saying that Wynter needs to be there for testing. I explained that I had sent the 2 emails, etc and she said that she is on-site at the testing location and they don't have internet access. And just continued to be nasty to me.

    I hung up on her. Then I checked my email. This same person that was so nasty on the phone and sent someone TO MY HOUSE responded to my email at 8:30 this morning and said that she had rescheduled Wynter for May 1. :919Mad:

    You know, my daughter's name is Wynter. Our last name is even more unusual. It's not like she was responding to a Jane Smith. You'd think she'd remember. Duh.
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    That kind of thing just drives me crazy...who DO these people think they are? Glad they were able to reschedule though.
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    Yep. Can't stand these idiots. 'Nuff said.
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    Wynter is still sick and I emailed again at 9:00pm tonight to let them know. I also emailed two of her teachers and let them know what happened today (one had sent out an email asking how the first day of testing went and said she didn't get too many phone calls about kids not showing up - so I figured she needed to know that Wynter just 'didn't show up').

    We'll see how they respond tomorrow.

    I know this is a little thing. But, bleep it, I've had it with people not doing their jobs. And not just these people. But the insurance ppl, doctor's offices, etc. If I performed like that when I was working, I would have been out of a job.

    And the whole sending someone out to my house really annoyed me. Like I'm some uncaring parent or something. :grrr:
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    Gee, Nichole's online schooling went smoothly. I was worried there might be some glitches along the way since she was pregnant, then in hospital to have the baby, then in phos right after that, ect. But not a single hitch. Teachers and staff very understanding. Such a vivid contrast to our local sd.

    I guess when they mess up they manage to do it royally. sheesh! I'm a bit stunned they sent someone to the house. But then, I heard thru the grapevine that many gfgish type students also take online school and then just ditch the classes ect. Maybe they've had some trouble with that this year??

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    I actually can't say enough good things about our experience with this school...and it's the same one Nichole attended. Her teachers have been wonderful, have gone above and beyond, are very caring.

    It's just this glitch and it's just happened at a time where I've just had enough. Of everything. Normally, this wouldn't really bother me.

    I do know that they have trouble getting kids to show up for the proficiencies and even the OGT, which I find hard to imagine because you can't graduate without passing the OGT. So, they have had to go to extreme measures to get kids to attend. They send out letters telling you of your test site and date. Then they send out a postcard. They call to reserve your child's seat. Then they call to confirm you'll be there. Then they send another letter confirming your reservation. Then on Sunday, the principal called with a recorded message.

    I do know that they have gone out and picked kids up or taken the tests to their home and stayed there while the kids took it. And I do know that every SD staff member is involved in this process, including the Superintendent. This is mandated by the state, so when kids don't show to take the test it brings down the SD's state report card. And I am definitely interested in keeping this SD going. As I said, I'm very, very happy with it. easy child attended this school last year and the SD was giving out $10 Walmart gift cards for every section of the OGT the kids took and if you took all 5, you got an extra $50. So, easy child got a $100 gift card for doing something he has to do anyway. It's kind of sad that they have to go to those measures.

    I guess that's why it bothered me. I was being treated like one of those parents who was just not bothering when that isn't the case.

    And we get so much judgment as parents as it is because of our kids.