How interesting...NOW she demands Paternity testing!


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Cory got a letter today from our local child support office. It said that they are trying to establish paternity on Keyana. He called them back and they were surprised to find out that he had already signed the birth certificate since the mother was saying she didnt know who the father was!

One good thing about this is that the worker assigned to Cory is an old friend of mine from when I worked there. Im gonna call her on monday or tuesday and ask her to watch out for his interests because I think this mother is...well lets just say not a nice word.

Now tell me everyone...I cant see why she would ask to question paternity unless she knew good and well the baby wasnt Corys because Cory does give her money and takes care of the baby. I cant see any reason for this unless she is tired of dealing with Cory and wants to cut his ties to a baby who she knows isnt his. She cant get a support order because he is on SSI.

I have warned him to be prepared about what is going to come from this.


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Janet, I'm sorry that this baby is being used in a tug of war. It's unfortunate. It seemed that you are attached to this sweet child. I hope a good ending is in store for this child regardless of how volatile her parents are.
You are really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Are you sure about that support order??? Cuz here in Ohio, it doesn't matter. SSI pays the child support.

It could be she's been so busy she really doesn't have a clue who Keyana's father really is. She also could be scared that if Cory can prove paternity, that he'll fight for custody of the baby. Hard to tell with this sort of girl.

I'm glad the DNA will be done and there will be no more doubt. Although if the baby isn't Cory's, he's still gonna love her. That bond has already been formed.

I really hate people who think's it's perfectly fine to play around with other people's lives. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

Keeping fingers crossed this goes well.



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Janet, I don't have the faintest idea what her motivation could be- I just hope that it doesn't cause as much pain as I think it might. :frown:



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Well I know this will devastate Cory now but it may be the best thing that can happen because this female is toxic. I cant imagine spending the next 18 years dealing with her.

As far as the SSI, he was told that they cant do a child support order on someone who recieves SSI, now if he received regular Social Security Disability, then the child would be entitled to a SS check too. I have no idea why there is a difference.


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This girl wouldn't risk having the money dry up or the free babysitting to end. She must know it is his,and is just doing it to scare him, and upset him. For fun. Another guy was already tested, how many guys was she with? Poor Cory. -Alyssa


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Well we arent sure how many guys she was with but we know of at least two others besides my son. Rumors were she was sleeping around quite a bit. This is not new behavior and continues today.


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How can we be totally sure Corey's girlfriend and my difficult child's are not one in the same???????? They must be related somehow! Maybe they were identical twins seperated at birth :smile:

I have no answer for you on this one. I know Corey will be devestated, but in the end, to be rid of this girlfriend for once and for all would be the best thing for him.