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I'm curious about how many of us, here on the boards, have started on anti-depressents after dealing with our difficult children? I was told that I have PTSD/depression. This was recently. I started taking Lexapro about a month ago. I was so depressed that I was just crying all the time. After about a week of taking them, I began to feel like myself again. I never want to go back there again. I just didn't have the engery/creativity or the capability of dealing with Missy's nonsense and rages on the daily basis that it has become. I didn't tell most people, but the few that I did were shocked. What did I have to be depressed about? I have the "perfect" life with everything I need and then some. Great husband/kids/house etc. Only those who have delt with a difficult child truly understand.

So, I'm just curious...who else had to start taking anti-depressents because of all the stress and difficult child-related stuff?

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I did at one point-but not for long because I had a lot of weight gain which made me more depressed! However, I have been thinking lately that maybe I should check into it again and try something different then the last time.


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ME! I'd never had even the slightest inclination to take antidepressents, but a few years ago I just became totally overwhelmed with caring for my difficult child. I take Wellbutrin and yes, it also made me gain a little weight, but I needed it.


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Count me in! I had never taken anything and last yr I found myself in an awful place. I could only get out of bed to funtion as best I could at work only to walk thru the door and go back to bed once I was home. I used medications for a short while (didn't like the way I felt on them)


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Add me to that list as well. I still at times are barely able to function, but without the Wellbutrin it would be a lot worse.


I have a history of depression, anyway, but as easy child was rounding the bend toward healing with his depression, I broke down into the worst, most oppressive depression. I had never even comprehended something of that magnitude. I mentioned in Sheila's post that you hold it together when you have to, but when the stressor is removed, a floodgate is opened. I probably wasn't holding it together all that well, but managed to keep from losing it completely until it was "safe". easy child's hostility, anger and violence would trigger me at times (his father and difficult child's father were both abusive) and I would find myself dissociating. It wasn't until I was in therapy that I knew what to call it, but it was the out of body type experience.

I thought I had dealt with all of that, but I had an experience (not kid related) about 2 weeks ago that threw me into a panic attack. Not an "I feel like I'm dying" one, but one where I was lightheaded, dizzy, my breathing was shallow and all logic just escapes you. It was very unnerving to realize that I could still be triggered. I'm going to be talking to my therapist about this on Tuesday.

IOW, you're not alone. I already had a history of depression, but never to the magnitude of what I experienced when easy child was ill. I was on AD's at the time it happened, too.

I'm glad you're addressing this. (((HUGS)))


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Me too. For a short while to get myself thru the guilt and heartbreak the first time difficult child was sent away. Doing better this time he's in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) though.

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What can I say? Cymbalta along with Lunesta to sleep at night. Even when kt was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) I needed the sleeping aid.

It can apply to more than parents of attachment disordered children; sure applies to me.


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You can add me to the list. I was put on antidepressants back in March after serious thoughts of suicide. When this occurred, other than dealing with my difficult child, I was great. I had just moved into a house from an apt, bought a brand new car, still loved my job, etc, etc. But for 2 weeks, I cried daily and was thinking about suicide. I am on Zoloft right now. I have experienced little weight gain which could possibly become an issue if I keep gaining but not sure if the weight gain is from the zoloft or from me not being able to do much due to injuries.



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I started one in April, but stopped in May when I realized it was my thyroid level that was masking as depression. After three weeks I'm starting to get my drive back.


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I am raising my hand, too. My therapist even said, "people like you do not usually end up here talking like this." I said, "they must not have a difficult child."
The 'people like you' comment was after hearing about my childhood, teen years and adult life - it was all good! I had nothing bad to say really.

by the way, I am just today starting another antidepressant medication. My symptoms are more anxiety-like, but I liked this medication that I took when I took it to try to quit smoking. (It did not help me quit, but I have quit on my own!) I am not convinced it is not related to having a difficult child, either. And mine is almost a easy child now. However, she is still a difficult child. I do feel myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. Of course, it could be lack of nicotine that has made me anxious these days. Who knows.


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I took Paxil for 1 1/2 years. I was never suicidal but I was bawling my head of every day-even at work. My poor co-workers didn't know how to respond to me. Couldn't sleep, and I was making myself physically ill. It was awful.


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Count me in. I tried several ADs with negative reactions to all. Went the sleeping pill route for a little while. I'm now on Buspar with Xanax as a PRN. It helps.


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I may end up raising my hand in here. I *just* started seeing a therapist and after visit number 1 she's already diagnosis'd me with panic attacks, and those have most definately been triggered by the issues with M. With the constant level of anxiety I'm feeling lately, an SSRI may be in my very near future. As far as "depression"...we'll see.


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I asked this question when I sought help around, November. Lots of you spoke up and said the same thing!!!
I had insomnia, anxiety and I feel I have dealt with a mood disorder most of my life... so does my doctor. The Zoloft helps... She feels my Topamax might help a bit also.

husband just started Lexapro... anxiety, depression... both of us are the kind of people that everyone said the same things, but you have it all... 2 beautiful girls, a great job, nice house. What could you have to be bummed about???

I think, I don't choose my feelings. None of us do, and our social status, economic, etc. Does not detemine whether or not we get depression, it can make it worse or better... but for some of us especially with g'sfg and "great' genetics it is "all in the family" so to speak... Both of us have tried every alternative... we eat right, exercise, try to stay positive. I think our "genetics" just win in this case.

husband and I really do find sharing this and the medications do help us both... we have one more bond!!!LOL


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count me in as well-I started talking about difficult child-and I just lost it-I walked out with a script...sigh....but Im not crying at night like I was all the time and im not so much festering like I was either-Im sooo glad -I dont want to ever go back to that either. I just cant take it...:( Nights were awful.....:(


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No anti-depressants for me, please. Last time I took Wellbutrin, I thought of nothing but death and dying for weeks at a time. Can't take the stuff, but lately I wish I could.

But anti-anxiety medications really do the trick for me. Long-acting Klonopin, with a bottle of Xanax handy for really bad episodes.

Probably the only thing that's kept me in the game so far. When my son first started acting out on a major scale, I began to have incapacitating anxiety attacks that lasted for an hour or more, several times a day. Not any more, or at least not as frequent (and not as bad).

Lately, though, the AntiAnx drugs help keep my keel a little more even, but I'm starting to really get down on everything. Like most folks here, difficult child and his antics seem to suck he very life essence out of the family. Times like these, I wish I could take the AD medications as well.



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I actually started my anti-D right before my son was born(adopted him at birth)...Do you think God was preparing me for the storm? I have depression in my family history, both sisters and boy, my mother sure should have taken them.