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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tinnie_d, Nov 22, 2007.

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    I'm not a parent but I sympathize with everyone here that are dealing with less than perfect children. I work with children and I feel sorry for the parents at the end of the day when they pick up their kids. The kids are great with us and their poor parents have to wrestle them out of the room to get them home. After a long day at work, a parent's work is never done.

    We have a child that has ODD (diagnosed). She just started and the other day she actually scratched another staff who was trying to give her a time-out.

    Any tips/tricks or whatever anyone can offer will be of great help.

    By the way...all you parents out there with children with or without any kind of are my heros...I can only hope that I can be as sane as you if I ever have my own children.

    thanks again
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    Pick up The Explosive Child by Ross Greene. It will help you and other staffers figure out way to avoid physical confrontations and blow ups from the child before she gets upset. You'll need to figure out what is triggering her behavior so that it can be worked around.
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    Hi Tinnie_d and welcome.

    How old is the child you're speaking about?