Hows every one doing


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It's been a while since I've been on. so how is everyone doing. Everything on the homefront is doing ok. I'm still having a little trouble but since I've been reading I've been trying to keep my sanity. Kids are starting school soon and then I will only have one child left for the am hours. SO IS EVERY ONE EXCITED THAT SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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For me, it's winter that's beginning to ease. We were away for a month in June, travelling in New Zealand with difficult child 3, easy child & BF1. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather.

Linda (Timer Lady) has had some big health problems - you might need to go back and read her posts to catch up.

Haven't heard from Robby (Coookie) for some time, I'm worried about how she's coping.

Others have been away, had major crises, there have been a lot of changes for Janna but she's rolling with the punches.

You might need to do some back-reading to catch up! I'm still catching up from being away in June.


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Yesterday, the radio announcer said something about Summer almost being over and how Fall was creeping in. The nerve!

I had to turn off the radio. I am not ready for Summer to end - I love the heat! I refuse to acknowledge the wilting leaves on my hostas and annuals, the blooming of my late Summer Sunflowers, and the dead squash plants in my garden. I am relishing the ripe tomatoes and peppers and carrots though! ☺

I don't even know why I live her in this God forsaken northeast anymore!