HsP vs. Empaths Part 2


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I am currently fascinated with this topic and wondered if anyone was interested in discussing the differences between the two and if it runs in DNA.

My thoughts.

HSP feel everything sooooi much. Love, discord, smells, touch, taste, disappointment, joy etc. But they dont feel it if another person breaks a leg or is drpressed. They empathize with the person and even cry for the person, but dont actually feel exactly what the other feels.

Empaths do. They are closer to real psychics as they KNOW anothers actual heart and soul.

This is my understanding of the difference.

My daughter Princess and granddaughter are both HSP+. By that mean have psychic tendencies. Princess has had scary real experiences. Baby is just verrrry aware for her age. Of everything. Says wise things way above her age level.

I am a HSP as was my mother and is my sister. We are not empaths though. We just felt/feel too much. It makes us sometimes be very hurt and draw false conclusions due to our pain. I know for a fact my sister does...and I am sure I have as well. My mother was off the wall that way. Whoa!

My soulmate, a friend in Illnois, is a HSP. Do we attract one another? Yet my husband isnt. He cares little what anyone thinks of him ans is not sensitive about much...just moves on easily. Sonic is HS. Jumper and Bart are not. I think all animals are. They have to be to survive. As for pets, dont they feel our energy in a weird, accurate way? Empaths?

I am working on being less sensitive with some success. I dont think sister is. She is sadly still obsessed with me. Posts about me...I just read the headlines only and feel sad for her (with some empathy). She is still very angry and looking for a bad guy, when she must know the bad guy in her life is really narcicistic abusive boyfriend of six years that she sadly cant seem to break free of. She projects me as him, although I will never speak to her again. She knows he is abusive yet says it is me, I suppose. Again I never read beyond the headline. Being so sensitive and I think basically a nice person, Sis gets angier and sadder when with him...going back to such a horrid man coincided with my need to finally protect myself by cutting strings. She started being negative and critical toward me ad her boyfriend is to her.He affects her. She is bitter that he is who he is...and knows my husband is so very kind. Jealiusy due to bring a HSP? I do not know.

I think HSP are very affected by who they hang around, which is why i shun drama or anyone unkind to me. Just cant/wont let that energy into my peaceful life. Can no longer be anyones dumping station...

Do our strong emotions skew our thoughts? Our blame? Our reality?
Any thoughts from you? Do you find HSP in your family?

If not, thanks for reading my vent. I am currently reading about these issues in regards to psychic ability mostly.

Have a great day.
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Not a clue in the world sounds like an interesting topic I do believe in intuitive sense… About psychic abilities
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Intuition, going with my gut, has really worked so much better than using my logic. Now I try to go with my intuition. It doesnt let me down. The mind is like a ping pong ball, going back and forth. Intuition doesnt waver. It just knows things. Jmo.


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Last comment. Off subject:

I really do not want to talk about Sis. I have moved on. However I do need to know if she still reads my posts, which is why I checked hers. Because she does, I know to be careful about disclosing too may details of my life, especially once we travel. As she tends to think it is okay to call the police on me, even between state lines, i can not disclose where I truly am traveling...i will never be able to address here where I really am. Even when I am back in Wisconsin she will have no idea where we are camped, which town. And we will move around. Thus no police for any of her petty reasons. That will cease to be a risk. We may even change our home state domain. Many RVers do. Some states are friendly to those living in RVs.

Because Sis is vindicative I also will not be able to post too many wedding details or much about Bart...suffice to say things are great in my family now and peace is mine. And the wedding will be very exciting! Jumper and I are very excited.

Once we travel I have the glorious freedom of being invisible, impossible to find. We can be in Colorado one day and California the next. Untraceable as we move around. Goes for various parts of Wisconsin too.

So I am not going to be 100% forthcoming hereafter since she still reads. I may say I am in Texas but really be in NM. Often we will be off the grid. Invisible.

I am sad my sister feels she must track me. Like I said, she is basically nice, but takes what I did as a betrayal (although she did it to me ten times plus the cops). She is mean when she feels betrayed. In the past she would try to involve my father, but he is to ill now, poor thing. She has nobody to tell me what to do or not anymore.

So I am going to watch what I disclose and towns, dates, events may be skewed a bit to keep her off guard. She needs to have no details.

Hugs to all of you who have been in my corner. Really, I love Sis too, but in this life we are not meant to be together. Maybe another life.

Have a peaceful day. I try for peace all the time.
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