Hubby can be such a nice man...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Sep 2, 2010.

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    ...except when he's not. Miss KT will be home for the weekend some time tomorrow afternoon. I'm working. Hubby has school. The library (aka her room) is nowhere near organized, and since it's Hubby's stuff, I asked him several thousand times (it felt like) to clean it up so we can put the mattress back down. Avoid, delay, fiddle, mess, name it, and he did it...everything but make room.

    He also moved more stuff in from Son #2's house...a desk chair, a bookshelf, general office furniture, and I've been asking him (several thousand times) to DO SOMETHING with that stuff. I can't get to the cooler easily to turn it on/off, I can't get to the panther food...and, in a wonderful display of poetic justice, a barefooted Hubby tripped over the leg of the random desk chair this evening. I was not sympathetic. The pain seemed to motivate him to clean things up, and the desk chair has been placed by the desk, the path to the cooler is clear, and the mattress is ready for Miss KT to sleep on.

    Now it's time for bed. I'm working tomorrow...full day Kindergarten. Never done that before...should be interesting.
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    Why does pain motivate when nothing else will?!

    husband left a bunch of nails on the floor when we were working on the basement - I asked, begged, pleaded for him to move them... (Yes, I could have - but I did shove them out of my way... LOL). He stepped on one - no puncture, just hurt. They were put away the next hour...