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    Too much unrestrained government...
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    My mom's town home and my sister's condo were both foreclosed on. It is heart breaking. BOTH had short sale agreements on the table and the banks dragged their heels until it could not happen. No time limits for them to meet so they just let it end that way. It was awful. My mom lives in a tiny senior living apartment, thank heaven it is in a beautiful location and it is based on a percentage of her tiny social security check. But she feels like she is living in an old folks home and she still is totally active and even works in their meal program feeding people there and packing meals for community programs.

    My sister is renting now and facing bankruptcy. She had lost a good job due to the company folding and it took years of temp jobs to finally now find a new then the condo she had lived in and refinanced was in an upside down mortgage and so nothing she could do.

    These situations are so sad. It is sickening to me then that these funds are not being used appropriately. There is a special place in he77 for these folks.
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    Didn't read the whole article, didn't have to. Sadly, I am not surprised. Same nonsense happened in OK. I was living there shortly after the big tobacco company settlements and every other day there were great new ideas of what to do with all that money! None of it was for smoking cessation programs.
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    Are you really surprised?

    Lets do the math - Okay you foreclosed upside down Mortgage-gate former homeowner you VS. the BIG BANK -------YOU GET A shiney penny------and the government gets a 12,000,000.00 paperclip to hold together your new tent receipt from Walmart.

    Sounds about right.

    OH and as an added bonus this year on your taxes? You can apply for and probably get some BUG repellent - but be one of the first 10 to apply. Supplies are limited.
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    Let's just say that I'm of the opinion this state doesn't oversee it's agencies to ensure the money they have is being spent for what it's to supposed to go for, therefore, they have no money left but still need money because their agencies still have kids in the system, people without jobs, families broken up, etc. because they used the money they originally had to help break those families up, cost them their jobs, send and keep those kids in the system. They had already cut funding to programs for Department of Juvenile Justice, sd, MH, ....everything pertaining to kids. And now they think they have a right to the fed money that was actually meant to help people overcome problems?

    Do you know this state, which is run by a political party that claims to value peoples' rights, almost passed a law requiring a vaginal ultrasound before an abortion could be legally performed? They compromised and now the bill that is apparently going to pass only requires a non-intrusive ultrasound. Of course, they don't have time to look into cases where kids are hanging in the system in limbo.
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    This really irritates me. Jamie got suckered into this scam when he bought his townhouse. I tried hard to talk him out of it but who was I except mom. The loan company and the fraudulent assessors gave him bogus numbers and told him he could afford the house. BS. They assessed the townhouse the year he bought it at $150K. He bought it for a "steal" at 145. Dumpy place really but they had done some work to it but it has a tiny galley kitchen that I wouldnt give a dime for. His mortgage is around 990 a month including escrow. Well...the market fell and now the place is only worth about 65. No joke sherlock. I saw that coming a mile away. I dont think it was ever worth much more than that. The VA would never give him a loan on it so he had to get a HUD loan or one of the other big ones...cant remember. He at first got a variably rate but I pitched such a huge fit he did renegotiate it to a fixed rate. Now he is stuck upside down and he is attempting to do something with this new program that has come out in VA to help people who are upside down in their loans
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    Well DJ, the VA is pretty good for helping people from my experience. If he's waiting for this state to jump in and help him, he might be SOL. With everything in me, I believe it is corrupt as koi right now. I seriously don't want to lose faith in our fed gov if they don't step in and they just allow this to happen.
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    He screwed himself but he didnt listen to me so I am not feeling but so sorry for him really. They both wanted out of their apartment and this place was bigger. From what he says, his house payment is probably about what he would pay for rent in that area so it is a wash. He just cant leave. From what I am being told, the housing market most likely wont turn around for the next 12 years. Hope he likes living there that long. I would hate living in an apartment with two kids that long.