husband has an INTERVIEW!!!!!

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    My husband has a job interview next week. He got a message about it today and is to set it up for tomorrow. A good friend works for a lady who is married to the sister of the hiring mgr's wife. Convoluted, but it means she has put many good words in for husband as their depts work together well.

    It is in tech support at the local university. the man he is replacing worked at this job for two years and then got a job as a systems analyst at the DOD. It isn't as good as the job he was laid off from, but it is a job and it would be a great stepping stone. Pay is a lot less, but any pay is great. Plus they have good benefits and a lot of job security. In the last two years the univ has chosen to give everyone furlough days instead of cutting staff. I think it was seven furlough days stretched over a six month period so that they could keep a LOT of employees that otherwise would be fired. It got them a TON of support from our community, esp as they are the largest employer in town.

    So it is a job he would like. He is great at tech support iwth everyone but me (just not something we can do together, lol) and is wonderful with people even if they are angry and unreasonable. He has a real gift for it.

    He would still work at the football and basketball games and the local temp agency is thrilled with that. They adore him because he will work any position not just supervisor and he can make the angriest most upset fan calm down and often even gets them smiling. I really admire this and his ability to keep a positive attitude even after almost 2 years of unemployment.

    Please keep fingers crossed, send good vibes and anything else you can do that way. I really appreciate it - he NEEDS a job. He is beginning to think that at 53 he is unemployable, which should be nonsense.
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    That is wonderful news. I'm praying that he gets it.
  3. keista

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    Fingers crossed, and positive vibes going out!
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    Pretzeling up! This is AWESOME!!!!!
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    Pretzeling that he lands it!
  6. Hound dog

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    I am a pretzel. I am all positive thoughts. Praying hard he gets it!!
  7. flutterby

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    Pretzeling and sending good thoughts!

    by the way, this:
    is how you know you live in the south. :winks:
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    flutterby - lol, yes.
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    Got my fingers and toes crossed!!!!!!
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    Fingers crossed!! I won't dance naked in the street- that wouldn't do be good for anyone- LOL!!
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    Fingers crossed and dancing with panthers!
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    "Dancing with Panthers" sounds a LOT better than "Dances with Wolves"!!!
  13. DaisyFace

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    Fingers crossed!!!

    Good luck!!!