husband is in court as I write!!!-UPDATE


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I will post later and let you know what happens... the whole story is actually pretty crazy, our attorney etc...

husband is so nervous. He has not had a drink since that night... he is not quitting, but he is trying to figure things out. If that means quitting so be it or just adjusting his drinking if he is capable???... just taking it one day at a time.

Right now we just need to get through this court day!!! We still don't even know what happened... finally found out what hospital he went to, all the way across town???

I will post later, with the gory details... hopefully good news. I am very nervous.

*for those of you new to the board or who don't keep up with my soap opera! husband woke up in a hospital and then was taken to jail about a month ago, he was drunk, they beat him up, who?? he doesn't know, he is charged with assault, against who??? We will find out today. This all happened in Chicago, where he lives and works part time. Last thing he remembers is getting in a cab to go home... how do you :censored2: that up??? But we did find out the protocal for people who pass out in cabs is to take them to the police station...

Ugh... please give us a freebie on this one!!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well... of course not good like we were hoping. His attorney thought, this would be no big deal... and they would drop it, like most cases he has seen. For some reason, NO. So he goes back to trial on May 4th.

So we were at our in-laws party in N Indy. and they have a neighbor who are part of a local family there who are very very influential in the area, they have a hall named after them at Notre Dame!!! Anyway this family is actually very nice and despite husband and I being nothing like them we like them a lot. So one of the sister in law's of the parents, (they all live near my In-laws) was talking to husband and trying to get him to go out in the city, so finally husband tells him, how he wasn't really drinking and basically tells him the story.
So this guy, proceeds to tell us all of the trouble he has been in and how sometimes you mess up and you need a great attorney etc. "Who is husband's attorney?" So he makes husband promise to call in the a.m., to talk about options. So I said, what the heck, call him. So this guy's attorney is the Mayor of Chicago's Brother!!! Yikes!!! So he puts in a call and sets up his thing... basically gets husband the ex attorney for the police dept!!! Who is now private and working on rewriting some of the codes for the city...
The best part is this guy charges less than our other attorney!!!

So they went in today and basically found out that what the cop is saying is that, husband passed out in the cab, cabbie pulled up to his apt. husband didn't wake up. Cabbie calls 911, cops show up within minutes... they say husband is arguing about the fair!!! husband takes this same ride often it is usually 10$ the guy was charging him 18$ so this could be true. So the cop reached in to pull him out and husband punched him!!! (cops story) they dragged him out. restrained him, took him to hospital, which is now protacol if they think someone might be psychotic. (they let a mentally ill woman out of jail a few years ago and she walked out of jail and was taken by a gang and raped and tossed out of a building, she lived, paralyzed!!!) So now it is the hospital to cover their behinds, and then they bring him to jail, and then let him out.

His attorney thinks there is no way this really happened, mostly because if some guy punches a cop they would never let him out with no bail, and they would never push this being a misdameaner!!! He thinks the cops got out of hand dragging husband out of the cab and beat him up and are now covering their behinds and are nervous he will countersue!!!
So this guy is going to look into a few things and see if he can get this cop to back down... poor husband is so upset. He still doesn't remember anything and is so frustrated, because none of it fits.

Another good thing is a good friend of ours is a Doctor and trianed under the Doctor that treated husband, so he said just call and he will find out what happened at the hospital if we need him to. husband has yet to find out what they did to him in the ER. No one can tell him, yet we recieved a 600$ bill!!! He got a shot of something???

Needless to say I am frustrated that this is being dragged out, attorney was hoping they would just drop it, he said this is what happens most of the time.
So we wait some more...
Sorry so long


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I'm glad you got a good lawyer and help finding out what happened at the ER. How frustrating for husband to not remember.