husband to see Vince Gill!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 13, 2008.

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    husband just got a call from a friend from elementary school. Vince Gill is performing at their old elem school as a benefit for the school. It is being turned into an Arts and Science school.

    We got notice about the concert a few weeks ago. $500 tickets. One of the kids husband was friends with is very wealthy. He bought a big block and said that if someone could find husband then there was a ticket for him!!!

    Vince was Entertainer of the Year in OK (or some similar award) last year. He chose to have the reception at this benefit.

    I am so ENVIOUS!!!! husband is a heavy metal, classic rock kind of guy. I like those, but at heart am a country girl. But we don't have $500 to spend. He really wanted to go to see his friends, and to take me because I am a fan.

    This way at least he will get to go!!! I am looking forward to an autograph!

    And wow of wow - he even called his mom to tell her about it. husband's mom is a HUGE fan - would try to hang around his tour bus any time they were anywhere close to her.

    She was the Den mom for husband and his friends at this school. Even Vince was in her troop. I could hear her squeal from 5 feet away when he told her about it!

    (He just never calls his mom. HAsn't visited her in over 5 years! So calling her was a big deal, and I am glad he did.)

    This is just so cool, I wanted to share.

  2. ML

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    I LOVE Vince Gil. Your husband is sooo lucky. How very cool!
  3. Star*

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    If husband really wasssssssss DEAR - He could GIVE you the ticket and you could look on line for freebie tickets for him to the next Ozfest.

    (just a little tip from your auntie) :peaceful: ROCK ON.......
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    I am a Big Vince fan as well. Too cool.
  5. susiestar

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    He asked if I wanted to buy a ticket and go with him, or take his ticket. He was very sweet about it. But this is also a reunion of his elementary school buddies.

    He has had a grin on his face all last night and today. People at work have commented - it is a big ole grin, wonderful to see.

    While I want to go, I am happy HE gets to go. I don't know these people. But, if someone doesn't show up and there is an extra ticket I am prepared to leave on a moments notice!!!!