husband's graduation pics

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    You'll have to excuse the distance. My camera doesn't have a good zoom and I didn't think to borrow my brother's awesome camera. The ceremony itself went pretty quickly. It was done and overwith within 2 hours which really surprised me. The main speaker was an astronaut named Robert "Hoot" Gibson. His name didn't ring any bells for me but I guess he's flown 5 space flights and was commander of 4 of those.

    I do also admit to getting a bit teary when the grads walked in and when husband got his diploma.
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    Very cool. What a great looking family shot.

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    Great pictures, and congrats again to husband!
  5. Hound dog

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    Congrats again to husband!!! :D

    And please.......your hair is fine. At least you don't take gawd awful pictures like I do. The camera has always hated me. ugh!

    Neice is adorable. I wanna kiss her cheekers. :D :D
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    Congrats to H!! You're a beautiful family~
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    What a cool thing. Have him stoop down and give you a kiss for supporting him all this time. (sorry...couldn't resist)

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    Loved the pics!

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    Great pictures! Congrats to your husband!​

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    Lovely pictures. Congratulations to husband. Great family picture, you all look lovely (hair and all!).

    Love, Esther
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    Mustang, what a great moment. It's so tough to go back to school when you are older and have other responsibilities. Congratulations to him and you. It's a wonderful role model for difficult child and your other children. You are never too old to learn or reach for a goal.
    The baby is just so adorable. I would love to scoop her up with a squeeze.
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    It's pretty sad actually that husband and I don't have more pics of us together or the three of us as a family. But....because of that, I guess I didn't realize just how much of a difference there is in height! LOL Wow....I look like a little kid next to him! *snort*

    And Abbs? I gave him a huge hug when we finally found him after the ceremony. He DID have to stoop down!

    Daisy....I went after the cheeks all afternoon! LOL

    husband actually got pretty choked up afterwards. We went to my dad's before a bunch of us went to lunch. They gave husband a card and should probably have some back story before I go further.

    When my dad and stepmom bought the house they are in now, they kind of inherited a neighbor with the house. His name was G and he lived about 3/4 of a mile down the road. In his forties, he was single (never been married), quite the eccentric but a very nice guy. He also happened to be loaded as his father had won the lottery some years before that and split it with G and his sister. G was one of those people who liked to be generous and while he didn't just hand out money, he would buy all the neighbors and his friends $20 lottery tickets at Christmas, buy top dollar steaks if you cooked them (for the ENTIRE family), pick up the tab at lunch or even buy a strangers meal. Just stuff like that. Really good guy. He was always included in family events and holidays at Dad's because his own folks were gone and he didn't have a good relationship with his sister. He even donated to charities and had started to set up a trust for a couple before he got sick. But...he was also an alcoholic and when his abdomen started to swell, he put off going to the doctor and was gone within months once he went. He had left some people a nice amount of money (my dad and step mom included) and they just got the final installment of that last week. (G even set THAT up so that no one would have to pay taxes on it....the estate did)

    Anyhoo....when husband opened the card, one of the first things we noticed was that in addition to the family members names being in the card, they had also signed G's name to it. Why? Because dad and stepmom decided that they had wanted to share some of the money with us anyway because G had liked us and considered us friends (quite the accomplishment as he was a pretty private person) so for graduation and in G's memory, they gave husband $1000. I have to say though....husband choked up more over seeing G's name in the card and the story behind it than he did about the money. This is one of the things that I love about this man. Yeah, the money is great and will be a help but it meant more to him (and me) that G was included in this even though he's been gone almost 2 years now.

    I'm cranky, moody, have a heck of a temper and can be quite the B when I want to be. Somedays I wonder what husband sees in me but I thank my lucky stars for him every day! I may complain about him at times but he's worth bragging over so thanks for letting me!

    Have I mentioned just how damn proud I am of him? :bigsmile:
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    So happy for your husband, for you being so proud of him... :D It's a golden moment, to be sure!

    And that little BABY! Oh my GOSH! She's just a doll!
  14. mstang67chic

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    Yes she sure is! LOL I can now say that I was thrown up on by her for the first time this weekend!
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    Where are the little TOES!!!
    You look beautiful! your hair looks great! The Mid-west humidity always sent mine into a frizz!
    That is a great family photo, to get a 19 yo difficult child to not look disgusted! LOL

    Thanks for sharing.
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    What a lovely gesture for husband's graduation day. It really sounds like you are quite a lucky woman. I'm sure your husband counts his blessings every day as well. Hugs DDD