Hyperbolic Chamber Treatments

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    In this mornings paper there is an article about using hyperbolic chambers for treatments of Traumatic Brain Injury patients and for Autism etc. The
    VA was able to use two Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients for an experiment and both service men greatly benefited. Both of them felt better, were able to greatly reduce the excessive hours of sleep. In fact, they both felt so much more normal that they decided to sign up for a gym membership together.

    The infusion of excess oxygen makes sense as a beneficial prospect in brain related issues. easy child/difficult child still sleeps far too much and it has been three years since his brain surgery. I don't know about the details but it just seems to make sense to me. Unfortunately it costs $15,000 for the chamber treatment series and it isn't covered by insurance. According to the article there are four centers in the country that are available for this treatment option.

    Thought maybe you guys would find it interesting, too. DDD
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    It is also used somehow for Prostate Cancer, but don't ask me how or why it works. We had a pt in the hospital that I work that would go across the street (via medical transport) to have hyperbaric treatments.