I am going to be taking a workshop on autism

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    November 1st is always a non student day in the district. The kids get a day off after Halloween and the rest of us spend the day taking workshop classes that we sign up for. This year one of the workshops they are having is about autistic students in the work place. It's an eight hour class and I signed up for it. Since easy child has Asperger's, I am always looking for new info I can find on the subject. I can't wait to take the class. I am very excited because the last two years I had to spend the non student days at work. When the students aren't in school, my job is pretty much non existent The administrators got this bright idea to have my coworker and I call every single parent of every single kid who had even one absence over the last month and try to get them cleared, since we had nothing better to do. Typically we call all the parents of kids who are chronically absent three or more days, but on non student day we have to call every single kid who has even one lousy absence. Last year I had about three hundred phone calls to make. You all know how I have terrible phone anxiety, and last year it was hell. I did nothing but pick up the phone and call tons of parents all day long and it was a nightmare. I was seriously stressing out this year about having to do it all over again. Then we all got this email letting us opt out of work and take a class. Thank God! What a lifesaver. Plus I get to learn more about easy child and other students of mine who have this disorder, and I'm excited. I will share with y'all what I learn there. I can't wait!
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    I'd say it will be a wonderful learning experience. You'll love it, it will be so informative. You can learn alot in 8 hours.
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    I am hoping they talk about all the different types of autism. My son is very high functioning but some of my students are quite low. I don't have to interract with them as much as the teachers, but I do on occasion. Any tips would be helpful. And I am so stoked about getting out of making those phone calls. You have no idea how badly I was stressing over it!
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    Great news- I hope you gain some valuable insights. I'm interested in hearing whatever you can pass on about High-Functioning Autism (HFA).