I Can't Take Listening To This Song Anymore

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Bunny

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    difficult child has an IPod Touch (easy child has one, too). They don't like using the headphone unless they absolutely have to, like if we're in a public place or something like that, but here at the house I don't makes the use them. Probably my mistake. difficult child has his IPod set to loop the same song over and over and over again. As soon as it ends, it starts all over again.

    I know that this falls under the Aspie thing, and usually this doesn't bother me, but today it's grating on my nerves. At least it's almost time to make dinner. He usually wants to help me, which means the Ipod gets turned off!!
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Not using the headphones any more than necessary is good for their hearing... so while I understand that it drives you totally insane :) you're making the right choice on that front.

    Having to turn it off to participate in a favorite activity is also positive.

    Maybe try earplugs for Mom?
  3. DaisyFace

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    Why not try just being casual - but honest about it:

    Hey difficult child, you know that I don't have a problem with your music, but right now I am getting a headache - could you please turn it down / off / use phones just for a while? It would make it so much easier to make dinner...
  4. Bunny

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    I've done that in the past, Daisy, when it starts to get irritating. Usually, I'm okay with it, but there are some days when I just can't listen to it.

    Actually, right after I posted he took his IPod upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door. He didn't want to help with dinner tonight, so that was okay.
  5. ducky8888

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    I am very curious, what song?

    Even more interesting to me is the desire your difficult child has to listen to the same song over and over. Is this specifically "aspie"? My girlfriends difficult child does the same thing with music and movies. I have strong suspicions that he is "aspie" but has not been diagnosed, only ADHD and ODD. Is there a difference in treatment if he was diagnosed? (sorry to hijack your thread)
  6. DaisyFace

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    ducky8888 -

    I'm not sure that is limited to Aspies or kids on the spectrum. My DS will also listen to the same song over and over again...

    To the point where I've had to do the same as Bunny: ask him to give it a rest for a while! I mean, I like music just as much as the next person - but after hours and hours of the same darn refrain over and over - I reach my breaking point!