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    difficult child 1 has been very paranoid lately. Two days ago he told me he had an enemy at school that was doing things to make him mad on purpose. I should've called the school to warn them, but I didn't. They are supposed to be having the aide follow him around to make sure nothing happens and they never give me any feed back. I guess a part of me is wanting something to happen to validate what I said. Right now I'm just the crazy helicopter parent. Good news about difficult child 1: the nurse was able to talk him into getting the flu shot without him being held down.

    difficult child 3 had a poopy explosion today at school. The teacher called me and said he had an 'accident'. That was an understatement. I spent an hour cleaning him and the bathroom up. While doing this difficult child 3 tells me all about matches; how to light them, what they burn. I ask him where he learned about this. His response "oh, I just read it in a book." Yeah, right. I could shake whoever at the school spoon feed him that response. I need to call the therapist.

    difficult child 2 had a melt-down at sign language class today. It's only once a week, at difficult child 3's school, after school. Not a great time for difficult child 2, but its the only time it is offered. He also has to go to a special dentist because he has cavities and freaked out when he saw the shot.

    And we will need to learn sign language. Buster isn't talking. Not even Mama. He will babble mamamama, but he doesn't mean me while he does it. Our pediatrician uses the ages and stages questionairs at well child check ups. He caught difficult child 2's autism this way. Buster's social skills and communication skills are way low. I get to call early intervention. Buster is 16 months now.
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    Agh....You really had a difficult day!!!!!!Lots of hugs coming your way!
    Sorry to hear about little one! Please look after yourself!