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    My two older boys have been my difficult children for like ever my easy child is no longer easy child but now the experts are saying there is something wrong with him so now he is difficult child 3(Ben). The thing is I know difficult child 3 can do the work he is refusing to do for his teachers. This morning I fought with him to go to school. He went..late...but at least he went. On the way there he wiped out on his bike and gouged his knee open so he came home. I looked, cleaned and bandaged his wound. That was about 930. It took me from then until 1130 to get him back out the door and to school. Monday he skipped school and went downtown with difficult child 1(Ryan). They are both grounded.
    difficult child 2(nathan) is doing a little better. I am lucky with this one..he loves school! :bravo: The put him on resperidone and benzatropine and he is doing much better except for the rapid weight gain he has experienced. He is 5 foot 3 inches and weighs about 145 pounds. He is constantly hungry. I have had to put him on a strict schedule for times he can eat and how much each time. He goes and tells the Chidren's Aid Society that I am starving him. They came out to investigate and took one look at him and decided that I wasn't starving him after all. :whew:

    difficult child 1 this one is a tough one he will be 16 in September but the thing is here he can move out at 16. He seems to think he can do whatever he wants. I try to explain to him that even though he gets in trouble I still love him. He got my 12 yr old drunk and high by sneaking the alcohol and drugs into my home. I was not impressed. He steals, lies, smokes pot, drinks with his buddies, skips school, and the good Lord only knows what else. He is headed for prison and I dont know what to do to circumvent that from happening...any ideas? :sad:
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    Wow...You have your hands full! It sounds to me like you are handling everything that is within your control. Does the school ever help you out with getting difficult child#3 to school?
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    thankyou for your words of praise...unfortunately all the school does is call home and then involve a truancy officer....so no they really dont help with getting difficult child 3 to school....what to do?
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    Woah...that is a lot of testosterone in one home. Glad you found us, and welcome to the board. I don't have much in the way of advice, but there are many warrior moms (and dads!) with lots of wisdom and advice.

    Prayers and hugs in the meantime.