I don't want to jinx myself but...

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    difficult child got on the bus all by herself today with no assistance. Yayyy! Today is the first day she was expected to get up all on her own and get on the bus for school. For the last few days my mom has gone over to my home before school to supervise her and make sure she was ready and out the door. Now that difficult child is used to setting her alarm and waking up to it, we let her go on her own today without my mom there to assist her. I was really worried there for awhile this morning. difficult child is supposed to be downstairs for the bus at 8:50, and when I called her cell phone about twenty minutes beforehand to make sure she was up and getting ready, she wasn't answering her phone. Both my mom and I were calling her nonstop for about ten minutes with no success.

    Finally at about 8:40 she answered her phone sounding incredibly irritated. She told me she had been taking a bath. I told her to hurry up and get dressed ASAP so she wouldn't miss the bus. She told me okay and hung up. About fifteen minutes later I texted her and she told me she was on the bus and on her way to school. I was SO relieved! About an hour later, the school psychiatric told me at work that her English teacher called him, saying she did great in her class today. English is her absolute worst subject, so hearing she did well is good news. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that she continues to do well and she makes it on that bus every morning!
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    Great news! I hope it continues!
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    That's great!!
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    Great news!
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    Glad she did well. Hope she got on the bus today, too.
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    Well I jinxed myself. She missed school yesterday and again today. I don't really blame her for yesterday. She was up the previous night till 3:30 in the morning with non stop vomiting. I thought it might be the flu because she also complained of a bad headache that night. She looked like she was feeling better last night. She slept good but this morning when I called her she said she still felt nauseous and couldn't make it. I asked her if she had thrown up and she said no. I don't know if she has a flu bug or if it's those darn ulcers of hers acting up again, but I feel like she really could have made it today if she really wanted to. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. She insists she likes this new school and she isn't avoiding going, but who knows what the real truth is. I am praying tomorrow she gets on that bus.
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    If you have ulcer problems, then the flu really messes you up.
    Here's hoping she gets past that and back to school...
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    The new medication Carafate she was put on about a month ago was a godsend. No vomiting or nausea at all whatsoever for several weeks. When she was just taking the Prilosec alone, at a very high dose, she was still vomiting every single day. I thought Carafate was a wonder drug. I hope it is just the flu and only a temporary thing. I was super sick with what I thought was bad migraine and extreme nausea all weekend, but maybe it was actually the flu. If so, I passed it down to her. I hope that's all it is.
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    It is so hard to sort out difficult child behavior anyway add her ulcers on top of it and it'll take a crystal ball to know if she is really avoiding or not.
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    After all that time at home avoiding school she may well have picked up a nasty bug from the new school.

    Having said that she gets 24 hours from the last episode of vomiting according to schools (general). I would let her know from now on unless there is a fever or vomiting she is going. Grandma will be there to make sure of it.

    Now I know she vomits because of her stomach issues but like you said that hasn't happened in weeks and then all the sudden a whole night of it. Either she got a bug or she ate something that really aggravated her tummy. If she had vomited once and had no fever I would have ignored it but a whole night sounds like something else.