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    Hubby's doctor recently retired, and the guy that took over the practice questioned his diagnosis, even though all the documentation should be in his file...

    An unmedicated Hubby is not a lot of fun to be around.
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    on the other hand? I finally got husband to make an appointment to be evaluated for ADHD!!! I don't care what they give him or IF they give him anything, if he is diagnosis'd with it, then maybe we can work with it...
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    Watch out for Strattera if your husband is depressed, Step. Hubby's doctor insisted on trying it first, even though he had previously been diagnosis'd as unipolar depressive, and he was a freakin' mess the entire time.

    I tracked his behavior and the dosage (I ramped it up to get to the correct amount for his weight), put together a spreadsheet, handed it to the doctor, and said, "I want him on Ritalin. Now."
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    Good point... Onyxx went on and on about how she KNEW she had ADHD and she WOULD take those medications (hello, red flags for drug-seeking behavior)... Until suddenly we told her that due to her previous interaction with Concerta, we'd be looking at a non-stimulant first (I didn't say getting, just looking at - but then...) suddenly it was no longer an issue. She knew it couldn't be ADHD. Umm hmm.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I would LOVE for DF to be on Ritalin - OMG I would love that. He's on methadone for pain, and he thinks THAT is all the reason for his thoughts to be all over the place, and can't finish anything and on and on and on and he could NEVER EVER see how much him and Dude were alike in the FIDGIT department. Don't even get me started - but there is NO way any doctor is ever going to give him anything to help with space cadetness when he's on one of the strongest pain medications in the world. he said he was going to talk to his doctor about it, since I (ahem) 'complain' so much about his fidgetyness. Then he said "Maybe YOU are the one with adult ADHD" ........and you know what? When that knot on his head subsides from Dr. Greene's book on ADHD slipping out of my hand? He's going to call the doctor and set up an appointment.
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    I dunno. I realize their are plenty of adults who seriously still need the medications for the ADHD. sister in law for one, although he's calming with age to some degree or I'm just getting used to him. But I can name off about 5 people off the top of my head that were/are faking for the medications. It's the new thing with addicts. Not the medication itself......the faking the illness to get the medication thing so you're not breaking the law.

    I was severe ADHD as a child. And when I say severe.......ohhhh yeah. So was my bro. No medications for either of us. Ritalin made me basically comatose. Scared the crud outta mom and that was the end of that. I probably still have behaviors people notice. Family doesn't. Did fine in school.........except I couldn't bring a report card home that didn't state I talked nonstop in class. lol Mom figured as long as I passed it was all good. I think as an adult I do ok. So I skip around on projects and have such an enormous variety of interests no one can keep up........Just makes me a more interesting person. lol

    Thankfully.........none of my kids got those genetics at least. I know because both Nichole and Travis went through extensive evaluations due to me and bro having it. Bro's youngest has it rather severely too. If medications are doing anything I sure as heck am not seeing it. Her mouth is going 100 mph from the moment her eyes open until they close at night. (and that's just her mouth) Sweet kid, but whoa found out I don't have the patience for that now days. whew!
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    And some of us... well, if it wasn't for MY adhd medications, there's no way I'd be there for difficult child - it takes too much concentrated brainpower, too many distractions, too much... pretty well everything!

    Challenge? Can't afford to pay for the medication I really need, so have to use the old standby, but - even husband knows when I've missed a dose.

    medications or no medications - its worth the diagnosis if you can get it. Really. It helps in relationships (husband now expects me to get distracted!). It helps in dealing with docs for kids... it couldn't be xxx because it doesn't run in your family (oh yes it does!). It helps in dealing with schools. And it sometimes even helps how you feel about yourself: no, I can't just "pull up my socks and be like everyone else", because I'm NOT like everyone else!

    A good doctor quickly sorts out the wanna-bees from the real cases - there's a raft of markers that are hard to fake. (just that a good doctor is hard to find sometimes).