I found that good tired again, finally!

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    I applied for a loan modifcation but the company had already set a sell date and wouldn't tell me if it was going to be postponed (that was last week that I was told this). So I talked with a bankruptcy attny to get advice for either Ch 7 or Ch 13, or waiting to see if I get the modification and then should I still do a Ch 7 for the rest - the CC debt. Then I had to get more papers to the mortgage co and meet with this attny more to form our Plan B. The whole time I was trying to get some work done that I actually get paid for to increase the chances of things working out. But I can tell you, even though I was glad to know that we could stop the foreclosure sell either way, at least for a few months, it has been hectic and stressful. Thru all this though, I have realized that I REALLY enjoy working from home as a contract/self-employed person. It took a few days to gear up my self-discipline but I'm into it now and keep thinking of more and more advantages and starting to form a plan of how to market for more business. I know it;'s risky but that is why buying time is actually an advantage over solid commitments right now.

    Anyway, today I found out that the mortgage company (who is well aware of all this- the self-employement, possible BK, etc) decided to postpone the sell and give me at least another month to show that I'm making more money. I had sent them letters explaining that I can't sit here and work 40 hours a week if I'm constantly sending them more paperwork or on the phone with them or preparing for BK or packing to move. I'm shocked- as was the BK attny that they chose this, but feel so relieved. At least I have a few weeks to just work fopr pay, which helps my chances of things going thru plus I need the money and it will help with business, and preparing for difficult child to come home.

    So with all this today, I still met with people about work and have done about 4 hours for them between this morning and tonight. And I am pooped! But it's that good tired I feel- and I feel sooooo motivated to make this work. It would solve all those scheduling issues with having to worry about taking tinme off work to meet with PO, sd, etc, and difficult child wouldn't be left with no one at home except on occasion. The people I am currently contracting for have said that as long as they have work coming in, they will keep me busy. Still I want to drum up more at least for some hours at better pay. Please keep fingers crossed for me that this works out!
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    Fingers crossed this works for you...... love the idea of YOU are the boss, deciding your hours...... just know it takes a little time to work up the clientel..........
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    Thanks! I'm looking at it like the client is the boss- I'm plenty happy enough being able to have a flexible daily schedule, to a certain extent at least.
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    I just asked about this on your post about difficult child and computer!

    Glad it is going well and you are feeling such pride.