I got what I consider a real compliment. LOL

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, May 4, 2012.

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    So yesterday I got a call from the family person at the tx program. He called me because I had left a message saying that I had gotten a call from my difficult children PO. I think my difficult child is trying to sort of not let his PO know what is going on which is just foolish. He has not signed the release for the tx program to talk to them..... anyway then I got the call from the PO. So I told her where he was and she said she needs some kind of letter from them saying he is there... ok fine. I left a message for them, told them they could tell difficult child I talked to her and go from there. Hopefully they will talk some sense into him and they will send her a letter.

    Anyways he introduced him self and explained his role as being our main contact and to work with families on "detaching with love". Then he said "Although I understand you are already pretty good at that"!!!! I take that as a big compliment!

    I mean I don't think this place takes kids literally off the street very often.

    Anyway that is really a compliment to all of you.... and to my alanon group. 18 months ago when i found alanon and when I found this group I was quite a distance from being able to detach at all.

    So thank you all.

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    You have always been pretty impressive to me.... Glad they were able to validate you and how you are "loving and detatching" in a healthy way....wow.
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    It's nice to be validated and you deserve it. Hugs DDD